Home From Battle, An Iraq War Vet Teaches Ballet

Thursday, December 29, 2011

A photo from Exit 12 Dance Company's 'Homecoming' (C.T.Dorman/Exit 12 Dance Company)

Roman Baca is an Iraq War veteran and the artistic director of Exit 12 Dance Company. He has toured veterans hospitals and military bases around the world with his ballet "The Homecoming," which is about service members dealing with homesickness and the experiences of their loved ones waiting at home. He is heading back to Iraq, but this time as a dance teacher.

Baca first spoke with The Takeaway on Memorial Day about his own service and how "The Homecoming" has been received by soldiers past and present.

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"Pain and sorrow in the last nine years"?
Along with an American dance instructor in Iraq knowing how to say the word "dance" in Arabic, perhaps journalists should be aware of the pain and sorrow in Iraq decades before March, 2003 which resulted in the Iraq War and a chance at artistic freedom and a decent government that allows it.

As for combat boots and ballet shoes, it is the soldier, not the artist that gives us freedom of expression.

Dec. 29 2011 09:10 AM

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