Kim Jong-il's Pop Culture Eulogy

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A still from the 2004 film "Team America: World Police." (geraldford/flickr)

Along with "supreme leader" and "our Father," Kim Jong-Il was also known as "Dear Leader." And certainly, there were few tyrants that satirists dearly loved lampooning more than the self-loving, eccentric late dictator. From "co-starring" as the singing antagonist in "Team America: World Police" to being portrayed as a wife-abducting weatherman on "30 Rock," Kim Jong-il's legacy is in large part an absurd one. Celeste Headlee remembers one of the world's most eccentric evil dictators.

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The "End of History" conceit will not last long. The old tyrants will quickly be replaced by new tyrants if the US continues to lead from behind and denies the exceptional role it plays in advancing freedom.
The toppling of dictators today is the reverberation from the Bush years and thanks for reminding us of that with the Axis of Evil speech which called it years ago and was derided like Reagan's Evil Empire speech which brought Václav Havel from prisoner to President in the Czech Republic and liberated millions.

Dec. 28 2011 08:58 AM

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