As Country Suffers in Recession, Congress Gets Richer

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The economic downturn that has destroyed lives and businesses throughout the country has managed to avoid Capitol Hill. According to an analysis from The Washington Post, members of Congress have become much wealthier as many Americans have seen their finances shrink. The median net worth of a member of Congress is now $913,000 and climbing. Peter Whoriskey of The Washington Post discusses the growing economic gap between lawmakers and their constituents.


Peter Whoriskey

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Where was this interest in Congress just one year ago when millionaire Nancy Pelosi who almost quadrupled the deficit was running the Congress and involved in all kinds of nepotism while flying on a Air Force jet around the nation and the world? At the moment she and President Obama who is not exactly thrifty personally or professionally are in Hawaii and neither one of them are mentioned in this segment which is absolutely no surprise.

Dec. 27 2011 09:55 AM

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