No More 'No Homo'?: Rap's Evolving Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Misogynistic and homophobic lyrics are part and parcel of mainstream rap music's hyper-masculine culture. But over the last year, as part of a larger conversation about homophobia and bullying, more and more stars have spoken out against the community's anti-gay attitudes. 

Terrance Dean, author of "Hiding in Hip Hop: On the Down Low in the Entertainment Industry — From Music to Hollywood," has more these shifting attitudes.

Hardcore New York rapper Fat Joe, who is straight, recently spoke out against homophobia in an interview with Vlad TV:

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Katia from Michigan

I kept waiting for the examples of artists who speak out against homophobia in hip-hop, but all I heard was a couple guys saying no one who's gay should hide the fact. Not even that they shouldn't have to-- simply that they shouldn't. Which goes to show that they're as clueless as anyone else in their field (both that they think they were being practical, and that they probably think they truly are speaking out in favor of civil rights).

When they start actually addressing the culture that forces people to remain closeted, then I'll actually consider that they are speaking out against homophobia. Their comments are akin to someone saying African-Americans should just get a job and move out of the ghetto already, while thinking the statement is progressive. If this is considered "gay-friendly," it only goes to prove how much further the hip-hop community has to go.

(Would be interesting to see if these two also employ misogynistic lyrics, however. Just because that's an old issue, doesn't mean it's over.)

Dec. 27 2011 10:36 AM

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