Remembering Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Only writer, commentator, contrarian, public intellectual, and noted atheist Christopher Hitchens knows now whether he has indeed gone off to some grim North Korea in the sky. Hitchens, who once imagined the idea of an afterlife as "like living in North Korea," died Thursday in Houston at age 62. The cause was complications from esophageal cancer, which he was diagnosed with while promoting his memoir "Hitch-22" in 2010. A brilliant essayist and author of polemics that took on Henry Kissinger, Mother Theresa, and organized religion, Hitchens remained defiant until the end.

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Ed from Larchmont

Heaven is a place of complete happiness and freedom. Mr. Hitchens is correct in saying that the afterlife is like North Korea, if one ends up in the other place. And it's far worse than even North Korea.

Dec. 19 2011 06:17 AM
Ed from Larchmont

There's not much future in saying no to God, which Mr. Hitchens seems to have made a policy of, see

Brilliant, but a fool and a drunk.

Dec. 19 2011 06:16 AM
Megan Breaux

Turns out Christopher Hitchens had fans and admirers from all walks of life. Found this post commemorating Hitchens by a rather unlikely blogger. Funny and poignant. He will be missed. Click here to read it for yourself

Dec. 17 2011 12:11 PM
Lynn from Austin, TX

Thanks, John for a great piece on Hitchens. I heard a lot of people talk about him since his death, but yours was the most personal and touching. I for one will miss him a great deal. I have always been amazed at his way with words, and I can watch his debates and other appearances on you tube for hours. I sometimes have to look up some of the words he uses, but that makes it more interesting, and I find him fascinating, and entertaining to no end. I think Mr. Tebow could learn a great deal from Hitch!

Dec. 17 2011 11:47 AM

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