The Iraq War's Legacy, At Home and Abroad

Thursday, December 15, 2011

President Obama speaks during a tribute to the troops at Fort Bragg. (Davis Turner/Getty)

President Obama had two words for a crowd of returning Iraq war veterans on Wednesday: "Welcome Home." The president observed the end of a war that has defined a decade of American military might, and divided the country. Yet while there are accurate statistics about soldier casualties, an accurate count of how many Iraqis have been killed or wounded during the occupation remains unclear.

Ned Parker is the former Baghdad bureau chief for The Los Angeles Times. He is now the Edward R. Murrow press fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and has just returned from a two week trip to Iraq. Zainab Samir, a 27-year-old Iraqi woman who works as a University lecturer in Baghdad, gives her experiences as well.


Ned Parker

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Stephanie from New York City

One question you didn't ask was why the US embassy in Iraq is so enormous--fifteen thousand, I believe. I've heard that the embassy is being militarized to replace the troops that are leaving, so the administration can give the impression that we are pulling out while not actually doing so completely. That would be useful to investigate.

Dec. 15 2011 07:15 PM

The media's dour coverage of Iraqi democracy compared to their giddy and sanguine coverage of Egyptian democracy which seem to be heading straight to a Muslim Brotherhood takeover tells us more about domestic US politics then Middle-East politics.

Dec. 15 2011 11:21 AM
Richard Staub

RE: Was Iraq War worth it ?:
1. Cost 1 to 3 Trillion dollars,( a major contribution to our debt) and three times the ten year cost savings that the Super Committee was unable to agree to.;
2. 4500 American deaths; 33,000 wounded;
3. No weapons of mass destruction found;
4. An Iraq friendly to our arch enemy, Iran, establishing a continuous arch of Shiite dominance from Iran to Hezbollah in Gaza; substituted for a Saddam Iraq, sworn enemy of Iran.
5. Providing a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda;

Dec. 15 2011 10:22 AM
mo from nyc

How many Iraqis and Americans died for Mr. Busch's attempt to prove he had bigger cojones than his father. A shame and travesty for the world and more importantly a wasted critical moment in history when we as a planet could have moved toward peace.

Dec. 15 2011 09:34 AM

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