Listener Responses: Lowe's and 'All-American Muslim'

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

On Monday, The Takeaway reported on the home improvement store Lowe's pulling its advertising from the TLC reality show "All-American Muslim" after a conservative Florida lobbying group launched a campaign against the show. Takeaway listeners have a lot to say about this incident and what it means for religion in America.

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Christopher Wilde from Salibury, MD

I am saddened by the action of Florida Family Association and Lowes. I wonder if FFA know that only a tiny fraction of Muslims live in the middle east and are Arab. It seems to me that these "Christians" are guilty of the worst kind of sin -- ignorance. These kinds of Americans are what causes most of our problems.

Lowes has sided with the wrong side. I will not ever shop there again and I hope the rest of the country joins me. Pressure from these fringe elements needs to be ignored.

Dec. 13 2011 08:51 PM

It is stunning, the way that public radio has latched onto this story of such minimal importance.

You haven't even done a good job of covering the story. You have set it up as Lowe's having caved to a right-wing pressure group.

Lowe's made itself clear enough. It is withdrawing, because it does not want to be involved in social and political controversy. Lowe's never made any anti-Muslim pronouncements. Lowe's explicitly stated that it didn't want to make any pronouncements one way or another. Lowe's never agreed with the group which is apparently being 'credited' with ending the sponsorship.

I think this fight is actually a proxy battle; between left-leaning media (like public radio) on the one side, and the right, (dubiously) represented in this case by the Florida Family Association. Lowe's is simply caught in the middle. But being caught in the middle is precisely the position that the Florida Family Association wants to put Lowe's. And just as true, the left and public radio want to do the same, stirring the issue and discussing (suggesting) counter-boycotts.

Lowe's simple, clear Facebook statement:
Lowe's Home Improvement

"It appears that we managed to step into a hotly contested debate with strong views from virtually every angle and perspective – social, political and otherwise – and we’ve managed to make some people very unhappy. We are sincerely sorry. We have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion, across our workforce and our customers, and we’re proud of that longstanding commitment.

Lowe’s has received a significant amount of communication on this program, from every perspective possible. Individuals and groups have strong political and societal views on this topic, and this program became a lighting rod for many of those views. As a result we did pull our advertising on this program. We believe it is best to respectfully defer to communities, individuals and groups to discuss and consider such issues of importance.

We strongly support and respect the right of our customers, the community at large, and our employees to have different views. If we have made anyone question that commitment, we apologize.

Thank you for allowing us to further explain our position."

Dec. 13 2011 12:49 PM
PB from Stillwater, OK

Isn't it the journalists' job to share BOTH sides of the story before sensationalizing it? Regardless whether Lowe's responded or not to your requests for a comment, there has to be some reason they pulled the ads. So there's no press release indicating why they are pulling from Lowe's? What is their reasoning? Unless I missed an announcement somewhere, my beef is with the media: for making this such a sensational story without having all the pieces of the story in place. It reminds me of commercial radio and commercial TV, reacting without all the face. And I don't normally equate public radio to commercial radio, but it's sure seeming more like it every day. That ALL of public radio is starting to fall into that trap of stating things without both sides of the story present.

Dec. 13 2011 11:07 AM
Steven from Anderson, Mo

I work for Lowe's and it's incredibly disturbing that My employer obviously doesn't take the time to adequately investigate the program prior to advertising on the program, then succumb to a group of conservatives in a knee jerk reaction to pull.

I believe it's very distasteful and If I didn't work there, I'd not shop there either .... I still might not!

Dec. 13 2011 10:05 AM
Farrah S. Khan from South carolina

Hey y'all!
I'm writing from sunny South Carolina. While I welcome a major television network's efforts to portray Muslims in America as positive and peaceful people, I can't help but feel slightly resentful that we Muslims are considered to be outsiders by some.

Why do we Muslims who live, work, play, and pray in America the Beautiful have to justify ourselves to anyone else doing the same in Anytown, USA?

We need to do some soul searching...Why did we even need a show like this? How would people feel about All American Lutheran, or All-american Catholic, All-American Jew? How ridiculous would that be? Is this where we want our country to go?

Dec. 13 2011 09:52 AM

I'm constantly surprised how the extreme left demonizes and smears people and companies like Lowes who don't adhere to their warped ideology. This is a free country. People are free to shop where they want and companies are free to make business decisions without undue coercion. These leftists are trying to extort Lowes. Lowes made a sound business decision to not alienate the vast majority of its customers. And sorry, Muslims and liberals who shop at Lowes are a very small percentage.

Dec. 13 2011 09:38 AM
Elisha K from Detroit, MI

I am constantly surprised at people who want to squelch any effort to learn about other cultures and religions. Lowes shouldn't have given into the pressure. The people it would alienate by advertising there, in my own humble opinion, is much less than the people is has now alienated by pulling out.

Dec. 13 2011 09:04 AM

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