UK Vetoes EU Treaty

Friday, December 09, 2011

European Union leaders during a summit at the EU headquarters on December 9, 2011 in Brussels. Feuding European Union leaders failed to agree a new treaty to tackle the debt crisis . (JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

Twenty-three European Union countries, including all 17 that use the euro, agreed to an intergovernmental treaty that dictates strict tax and budget rules early Friday. The measure fell short of Germany and France's goal to get all 27 EU nations to back changes to the union's treaties after objections from Britain. Prime Minister David Cameron had sought exemptions for the U.K.'s financial sector. The fiscal compact, which penalizes members for breaking deficit rules, was welcomed by Mario Draghi, the new head of the European Central Bank.

Andrew Walker, economics correspondent for the BBC, has the latest on the deal and the drama behind its passage.

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Kafantaris from USA

A man built a house at the foot of a hill. He did not worry about the tide, and paid little attention to those below him that did.
As the years went by the water kept rising and the others scrambled to move to a higher ground. But the man was comfortable with his house and went nowhere.
One day the water came and flooded his yard and he began to worry. But then it receded and he soon went back to enjoying his house.
Two years later the water returned and this time it flooded the house. Seeing all his things ruined, the man stormed out frantically yelling for help.
But all his neighbors had moved on and no one came.

Dec. 10 2011 01:18 AM


It is pretty plain, how the Democrat/Labour/pro-socialist/Left views the hegemony of the Euro, and how it all must be propped up in the name of supporting classical profligate spending European-style Democratic socialist governments.

I'd have thought that the British people would be thanking the Tories and Mrs. Thatcher for keeping the UK out of the Euro mess right about now.

What I don't see anywhere on The Takeaway's website is the link to the segment with MP Denis Macshane, who was introduced only as a Member of Parliament and not as a Labour backbencher who, when he is not involving himself in one of his many ethical scandals, is one of the harshest pro-Europe political operatives in all of the United Kingdom. Yet he was blandly introduced as a Member of Parliament. It is like asking one person about an overview of American policy on an important international policy topic, and picking Barney Frank as that representative.

Daily, The Takeaway is a sterling example of public radio's insular hubris and determined left-wing bias. These repeated journalistic liberties are not mere errors or oversights. It is the product of determined ideologues at work on their propaganda.

Dec. 09 2011 12:14 PM

John & Celeste,
I enjoy your show sometimes but when you have an analyst or expert on some issue please don't badger them into trying to give the answer you want to hear. No offense, but I really don't care about your personal opinions..unless the show is about you and not the news. I would say that you have done a perfect job if you can make it completely through the discussion of an issue and leave your audience with no clue as to what your personal opinion is!

Dec. 09 2011 09:27 AM

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