Russia Seeks to Avoid Arab Spring-Style Protests

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A riot policeman detains an opposition supporter during a rally in central Moscow on December 5, 2011. Thousands of Russians rallied in central Moscow and Saint Petersburg. (ANDREY SMIRNOV/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

Protesters amassed for a second night on Tuesday in Moscow to denounce the results of last weekend's parliamentary elections, which are widely believed to have been rigged. Chanting "Russia without Putin," several hundred demonstrators gathered in the same square where over 5,000 people protested the alleged electoral fraud on Monday. Riot police officers arrested 250 people, bringing the total number of arrests from both protests to around 600, and pro-government activists attempted to drown out the protesters' cries.

Steve Rosenberg of the BBC filed a report from Moscow about Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's waning popularity. David M. Herszenhorn of The New York Times has the latest details from Moscow, where the government is hoping to avoid an Arab Spring-style uprising.

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