Diners' Guide Gives Working Condition of Restaurants

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Restaurant diners across the nation have a new guide to chew on when deciding where to eat out. However the ratings have nothing to do with food and focus more on the labor practices of some of the nation’s 150 top earning eateries. The Takeaway speaks with Saru Jayaraman,  co-founder and director of the Restaurant Opportunities Centre United, a non-profit that helps restaurant workers organize for better working conditions within the industry and Dave Rutigliano owner of the Southport Brewing Company.


Dave Rutigliano

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Eliza from Nashville

I agree, this was really disappointing, unbalanced. Where did you find this guy? I expect better also. You all do amazing work - I listen everyday and I'm very grateful for all you do. Hope this isn't a sign of where you're going.

Dec. 07 2011 02:21 PM
re from Brooklyn

What's up with this reactionary and pro-management segment? I'd expect better from you guys.

Dec. 07 2011 08:56 AM

This segment was both infuriating and depressing, not because of the facts presented, but because none of the persons involved could resolve the statistical conflict between the two guests. Saru spoke of industry-wide national averages and David spoke of his restaurant and was completely dismissive of Saru because their two views didn't match. Of course they match! Dave's knowledge is a sample; Saru's is an aggregate of the population. We are doomed.

Dec. 07 2011 07:16 AM
Paul from Miami, FL

This story is great example of corporate greed. Dave is out of touch. Pay these folks. #Occupy

Dec. 07 2011 06:59 AM

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