The Origins and Future of Occupy Wall Street

Friday, November 25, 2011

For more than two months The Takeaway has been looking at news from various, loosely connected protests known as Occupy Wall Street. In that time the movement grew from a group of non-violent sit-ins at New York’s Zuccotti Park; to the violent images of downtown Oakland California on November 2, when protesters shut down the Port of Oakland; to the now-infamous pepper spray events of last week at UC Davis. But, what about the origins and the future of this movement?

Mattathias Schwartz is a freelance journalist who contributes to The Times Magazine and the London Review of Books. He just wrote a piece for The New Yorker entitled "Pre-Occupied: The Origins and Future of Occupy Wall Street."

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the lack of folllow up coverage by WNYC on the Bloomberg /Kelly initiated midnight raid with press blackout of the storm trooper takeover of the park and all the press in the park being removed to a holding pen blocks away so they couldn't get any film footage of the destruction of multiple thousands of dollars of equipment by the NYPD is disgraceful. The fact that the press let the NYPD pull their press tags off and chase them away like a bunch of scared children, without the press standing up for freedom of the press ,like they did in the civil rights movement.This type of citizen journalist / press pass targeting has been occurring since the RNC in NYC and the Homeland Nazi Corps travels from city to city to stop the videotaping of illegal Police conduct at the conventions.
One lone civilian woman stood her ground with more guts then the Official Press. She was forcefully removed from a public sidewalk a block away, She had the guts to stand up to the storm-troopers as they tried to remove her constitutional right to stand on public property and videotape the police from a safe distance. She was physically removed in violation of the Constitution. Federal action should be taken against
Bloomberg and Kelley for denying her Constitutional rights.
WNYC's multiple playing of sound bytes from a restaurant owner with racist like complaints of the physical appearance of the OWS people" with the hair and tattoos"
was appalling, as was the sound bytes they played from NYC Majors and Police propaganda office without checking if these statements were lies or truth. I guess Bloomberg/wallstreet gives too much money to WNYC for a fair and balanced reporting. I will no longer financially support your station. You have been bought and sold. The people will find another medium.
This is the day the radio died.

Nov. 27 2011 10:25 AM
bishant from india

i m in favour of americans.whatever they have done its good. that's all

Nov. 26 2011 06:57 AM

Aren't all protests movements "disgruntled" but not all movements claim a mile long rap sheet of criminal behavior? Has there been a jealously of the Tea Party by the left and is the Occupy movement the progressive and arrest prone answer to it?

Is the answer to the vexing questions of "where are we going to go to the bathroom, where are we going to get our food" answered courtesy of the corporations they hate so much who provide food and bathroom facilities?
Is don't trust anyone making over 30 million dollars a year the new motto and how long before that principle is discarded if it has not been long since discarded already?

"It is hard not to chalk that up as a win for the movement when they are able to force that kind of response and force that kind of escalation"
Force? Are these protests intended to create a police confrontation and deemed unsuccessful if they do not?

Nov. 25 2011 10:04 AM
Rajendra from Gandhi Nagar India.

The Police & the government seems to be confused on how to react decently.
Its reacting exactly the same way Colonial govt reacted To Gandhi's
Civil disobedience Movements.
The world will still sympathise the protestors..
The real solutions Lies in finding out Positive steps. Positive actions .
Positive plans ,Communicating directly.
Other wise What you resist will Persist.
Rajendra Deshpande.
Doctoral fellow.
Gandhian Management.

Nov. 25 2011 07:45 AM

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