Giving Thanks for Family with Jennifer Grant

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Throughout today’s show, the Takeaway has been giving thanks, and looking back at some of our favorite interviews from the past year. Our interview with Jennifer Grant is among them, and it's surprisingly timely for Thanksgiving (listen to the very end to know what we mean). Grant is the daughter of the late Cary Grant, who, for more than 30 years, was one of the most bankable actors in the world, starring in such classics as “Bringing Up Baby,” “The Philadelphia Story,” “An Affair to Remember,” and “North by Northwest.”

To this day, he is the gold standard for the male movie star against whom actors like George Clooney are compared. But in 1966, at the age of 62, he hung up his hat, and focused the rest of his life on being a loving father to his only child, Jennifer Grant. Grant is the author of a new book, "Good Stuff: A Reminiscence of My Father, Cary Grant."

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