Egypt Protests Enter Fourth Day

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Egyptians protesters shout slogans against military ruler council during clashes on the third day with security forces at Tahrir Square in Cairo on November 21, 2011. (KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

Tens of thousands of Egyptians flooded into Cairo's Tahrir Square on Monday night for a third day of protests against the country's transitional military leaders. Activists hope to capitalize of the resignation of Egypt's civilian cabinet, calling for a million-strong demonstration on Tuesday. Security forces and protesters have clashed violently, recalling the events that led to the ouster of former president Hosni Mubarak. Elections scheduled for next week are now uncertain.

Michael Wahid Hanna, fellow at The Century Foundation, explains why the civilian cabinet offered its resignation. David Kirkpatrick, Cairo bureau chief for The New York Times, reports on the latest.

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Rayaati from LONDON

The army is the old regime, radical change of apparatus and system is needed. Support the oppressed in EGYPT, Syria, N. Africa, Middle East & Globally. Watch MEN OF CONVENTION on youtube BEFORE IT'S BANNED in EGYPT, Syria, Yemen, Jordan & France! This is a director's cut of 'Men of Convention' dedicated to the global uprisings against oppression 2011 - 2012 and beyond. It has been launched on Youtube for the first time on the significant date of 11/11/11. Please tell your friends.

Nov. 23 2011 10:39 AM
Steve Hull from Arcadia, Oklahoma (near Oklahoma City)

Today, together with tens of thousands of other listeners, we all swore not ever refer to "a lame excuse" or say "that's pretty lame" . . . . .

In discussions of racism, and, almost in passing, John mentioned his distain for the word "lame" as it connotes weakness, inability and other negative connotations.

Yeah, I now know John is a quadraplegic as the result of a car accident decades ago - aka lame.

Thanks John - I am chagrined of how that word was in my lexicon. But I also think of your comment as a good friend would tell me as only a friend would.

Great show and I listen most every day as I clean out my livestock (alpaca) barn.

Nov. 22 2011 11:46 AM
Caridad from Florida

How can you talk about these protests in Egypt and not mention what happened yesterday in your own city? At Baruch College, college students protesting tuition hikes while on-campus were beat with batons by campus police officers and then arrested by the NYPD.

Nov. 22 2011 09:53 AM
Laiah Raphael from greenwich ct 06831

Those who denigrate the occupy wall street movement are suffering from the NIMBY syndrome. They love the protest movements in the middle east. They don't comment that the Egyptians who take to the streets don't bathe, or don't try to get jobs. What is wrong with this picture? Why doesn't someone point this out? The protesters in this country aren't violent. They aren't burning and killing! But the powers that be don't listen to them. Maybe the protesters should get violent and then the government would listen to them and respect them. Laiah Raphael

Nov. 22 2011 09:30 AM

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