An Award-Winning Chef Makes a Plea for Home Cooking

Monday, November 21, 2011

Perhaps the most common trade-off for working parents is the inability to give their kids home-cooked meals—even if they work in food service. John Besh, a working dad and James Beard award-winning chef who runs eight acclaimed restaurants, has written a book about his experiences trying to fix the gap between the food he prepares in his home and at work.

John Besh is the author of "My Family Table: A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking."

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Ro from West Palm Beach

Mary Ellen-

I am so sorry you did not get to hear the piece as it wonderfully told how the chef is not able to be home for dinner except on Sunday when he bakes a chicken and also a pork roast so that his wife has leftovers for week night meals. He also spoke about making big pots of greens and field peas that can be worked into other recipes after they have been enjoyed for Sunday dinner. I thought he had great ideas to use the time we have on the weekend to make weeknights easier.

Nov. 22 2011 11:46 AM
Maggey Thomas from Spanish Fort, AL

Haven't picked up the book yet, so no comment on that. But as to the women bashing him or other chefs....hmmm. I am have held many corporate jobs in the past and have now been home for 16 years. I cook for neighbors and friends in addition to my own household. I welcome any ideas and suggestions and am so addicted to cooking that I will be going to culinary school....God 2 years when my last is in college. Kudos to all the chefs and their fabulously creative ideas! Sincerely, Maggey Thomas

Oh and by the way....headed to see Chef Besh at Luke this weekend! Happy Thanksgiving to all and happy cooking:)

Nov. 21 2011 04:31 PM
Gordon from Boca Raton

Mr. Besh is concerned that people are moving farther and farther away from the source of their food.

If he really wishes to help peoplel rediscover the source of their food, he should encourage them to view the new documentary, "Earthlings".

Nov. 21 2011 10:02 AM
MaryEllen from New Jersey

I am sure that Mr. Besh is a wonderful chef. That said, I would no sooner take advice for feeding my family from a chef then I would take advice from Martha Stewart on how to set the table for my dinner tonight. Both restaurant chefs and Ms. Stewart have their place and provide a service but neither of those are useful if what you are trying to do is feed a family after a long day at work and on a budget. I feel that the over abundance of chefs in our kitchens, with their overly complicated palets and fiddly ways of preparing foods that are in fact quite easy to prepare have lead to people feeling that baking a simple chicken or roast requires a staff of 10 to accomplish. Home economics and restaurant economics are not the same and the Food Network and other sources of food TV and cuture in our world do nothing to help with the forward momentum of feeding a family and keeping house and neither do the well intended writings of chefs who while they may be successful in a restaurant kitchen are not operating in the same world as those of us who only care to keep our families well fed on a tight budget with minimal time and few resources.

Nov. 21 2011 09:58 AM

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