Today's Takeaway: NYPD Evicts Occupy Wall Street Protesters

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Police Evict Occupy Wall Street Protesters; After Ouster, Occupy Oakland Protesters Return; Occupy Wall Street Evicted from Zuccotti Park; After OWS Eviction, Zuccotti Park to Reopen; Should Penn State Set Up a Victims' Compensation Fund?; The Country Meets The Woman Behind Herman Cain; Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the Road to Recovery; Super Committee Deadline Approaching; Season in Jeopardy as Players Reject NBA Offer; Jobs Recovery Still Far Away for Most States

Top of the Hour: Occupy Wall Street Eviction, Morning Headlines

In what Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling a "temporary removal", Occupy Wall Street protesters have been cleared from Zuccotti Park by police in riot gear. 


Police Evict Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Overnight Tuesday, Occupy Wall Street protesters in Zuccotti Park were awakened and ordered to leave by hundreds of New York City police officers in heavy riot gear. After nearly two months camped out in Lower Manhattan, police tore down tents and removed protesters one by one. The Associated Press reported that 70 protesters were arrested. Police claim protesters can return after the park is "cleaned and restored." OWS protesters are said to be reconvening in neighboring Foley Square. The removal comes after similar confrontations in Oakland and Portland.

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After Ouster, Occupy Oakland Protesters Return

Police in New York cleared the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park in the early hour of Tuesday morning, in what could possibly a coordinated effort to break up Occupy protests in Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, and, notably, Oakland. The eviction in New York happened less than 24 hours after police in Oakland arrested 33 people while dismantling the Occupy camp in a downtown plaza. Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said the move was necessary because "the Occupy Wall Street movement itself is having a hard time controlling the encampments." Protesters returned to the camp Monday night.

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Should Penn State Set Up a Victims' Compensation Fund?

The fallout continues from the sexual abuse scandal that has rocked Penn State. Monday night Jerry Sandusky appeared on NBC to respond to the allegations against him. Yesterday the CEO of The Second Mile — the foundation Jerry Sandusky started in 1977 to mentor troubled youth — resigned. Meanwhile, the Big Ten Conference removed former Penn State coach Joe Paterno's name from a new championship trophy.

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Occupy Wall Street Evicted from Zuccotti Park

Protesters at Occupy Wall Street's encampment in Lower Manhattan were awakened by sound cannons overnight Tuesday as police in riot gear moved in to clear the park. After nearly two months occupying Zuccotti Park, protesters were ordered to leave the park and told they could return after it had been "cleared and restored." WNYC reporter Alex Goldmark has been in Lower Manhattan overnight observing what transpired.

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Effort to Recall Gov. Scott Walker Kicks Off in Wisconsin

Tuesday night in Madison, Wisconsin, organizers began a campaign to recall Governor Scott Walker. The effort was engendered by the Republican governor's support of a law that removed collective bargaining rights from public employees. Organizers have 60 days to gather 540,000 signatures. Shawn Johnson, reporter for Wisconsin Public Radio, reports on the latest.


The Country Meets The Woman Behind Herman Cain

The public got its first introduction to Gloria Cain, wife of Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain, on Monday night in an exclusive interview with Fox News. The wife of the embattled candidate took to the airwaves to defend her husband against complaints of inappropriate behavior during his time at the National Restaurant Association.

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Top of the Hour: More Molestation Allegations Against Sandusky, Morning Headlines

The New York Times is reporting that nearly 10 more people have come forward with accusations against former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky.


Bloomberg Says Zuccotti Park to Remain Closed Over Court Order

Hours after police in riot gear stormed Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan to evict Occupy Wall Street protesters, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended his decision to clear the encampment in a press conference. Taking credit for the decision, Bloomberg said the raid was necessary for public safety. A judge issued a restraining order against New York City in the early hours of Monday morning, saying the protesters could return to Zucotti with their belongings. After initially saying the park would reopen at 8:00 am on Monday morning, Bloomberg said the park will remain closed while the city clarified the restraining order.


Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the Road to Recovery

Since suffering a gunshot wound to the head in January of last year, Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, have largely shunned the spotlight. But now the couple is opening up about her recovery process in the new book "Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope" and an interview with Diana Sawyer on ABC's "20/20."


NBA Season in Jeopardy as Players Reject Offer

The upcoming NBA season is in jeopardy after players rejected the league's latest offer for a new labor deal on Monday. "After two years of making a genuine and concerted effort to try to close a collective bargaining effort with the league and our teams, we've come to the conclusion today that that process has not worked for us," NBA Players Association president Derek Fisher said. The players have now begun the process of disbanding the union, and filing an anti-trust lawsuit against the NBA owners.

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Occupy Wall Street Update

Amid conflicting reports about the legality of the eviction, the use of pepper spray or unnecessary force by police, or when Zuccotti Park will reopen, Karen Frillman, reporter for WNYC, spoke with Occupy Wall Street protestors who were debating next steps.


Super Committee Deadline Approaching

With just under ten days to go until the "super committee" reaches its deadline, the 12 Republicans and Democrats that make up the group will have to agree on $1.2 trillion of deficit reduction or else face automatic cuts in integral areas such as defense spending. Republican Eric Cantor believes a deal is close. "Yes, I do think that the joint select committee will be successful," he said in an interview on the Fox News. But many are worried a compromise will not be reached in time.

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Jobs Recovery Still Far Away for Most States

Most economists agree that the recession ended in the summer of 2009. But, because of persistently high unemployment, many Americans are still feeling the economic pain. Across the country, there are almost five percent fewer jobs than there were when the recession began. And, according to a recent Gallup poll, Americans are now more pessimistic about the job market than at any time in the past 10 years. About 90 percent of Americans currently say that it is a "bad time" to find a quality job. 

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Top of the Hour: Occupy Wall Street Eviction, Morning Headlines

After being evicted from Zuccotti Park at 1am this morning, protesters in New York City are relocating protests to intersections near the park, as well as Foley Square.


Occupy Wall Street Moves to Foley Square

Occupy Wall Street protesters have vowed to carry on after being evicted from Zuccotti Park overnight Tuesday. After being thrown out of the park after two months, protesters regrouped after dawn on Tuesday in nearby Foley Square and marched toward City Hall. Ben Brock Johnson, digital editor for The Takeaway, saw protesters being removed from Zuccotti Park early Tuesday and spoke with protesters in Foley Square.


Mayor Bloomberg Press Conference on Zuccotti Park Eviction

The Takeaway goes live to a press conference by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg regarding his decision to evict the Occupy Wall Street protesters from Zuccotti Park. 


Top of the Hour: Latest Updates on Occupy Wall Street Eviction

After getting a court order to return, police have told Occupy Wall Street protesters can return to Zuccotti Park, but cannot bring tents, tarps, or sleeping bags.


NYC Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez Arrested at Occupy Wall Street

Among the 70 Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested early Tuesday at Zuccotti Park was New York City Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez. According to his spokesman David Segal, Rodriguez, who represents northern Manhattan, is a major supporter of the Occupy movement. Segal joins The Takeaway to discuss Rodriguez's arrest.


Two Reactions to the OWS Evicition

On Monday, The Takeaway spoke with New York University professor of international relations Alon Ben-Meir and National Review writer Charles C.W. Cooke to discuss reports of illness and lawlessness at Occupy Wall Street encampments around the country. Today, after Mayor Michael Bloomberg ordered police to clear the protesters' camp at Zuccotti Park, Ben-Meir and Cooke rejoin the program to react to the day's events.