'All-American Muslim' Depicts Muslim-American Family Life

Friday, November 11, 2011

"All-American Muslim," a new reality TV show premiering on TLC this Sunday, takes a close-up view at what it is like to be Muslim in America through the lives of five ordinary Muslim families in Dearborn, Michigan — a city known informally as "America's Muslim Capital." Newlyweds Nader and Nawal Aoude are one of the couples featured on the show, and discuss what it was like to let cameras into their lives.


Nader Aoude and Nawal Aoude

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Sep. 20 2012 07:58 AM
Gene Delano from Carlisle, MA

I am a fairly new listener to your station and usually enjoy each segment. During this morning's piece on the Muslim couple who are to appear in a reality series on TLC, I was shocked to hear some of the questions put to the guests;
1) "We won't meet any of your terrorist cell friends?"
2) "So, we won't see anyone in a cage?"
3) "So, you guys discuss Israel?"
I found these questions to be rudely stereotypical and completely disrepectful of both the guests and your listeners.
For the record, I am neither a Muslim, a terrorist-cell member, a cage dweller, nor currently engaged in a conversation about Israel. I, too, am an American and prefer to think that a station which is currently doing a fundraiser would do better to not insult its listeners' intelligence with such insulting rhetoric.

Nov. 11 2011 09:45 AM

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