Immigration Enforcement Detaining American Citizens in Error

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

According to new figures released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Obama administration has deported a record number of illegal immigrants for the third year in a row. Yesterday, The Takeaway spoke to Frontline correspondent Maria Hinojosa about an investigation into detention centers and deportation proceedings. She explained that some of the individuals picked up by immigration enforcement are, in fact, legal immigrants with green cards. 

Today, The New York Times broke the news that the Obama administration's immigration enforcement strategy is also sweeping up hundreds of American citizens, along with immigrants Hinojosa described. Thousands of immigrants related to U.S. citizens are also being detained. Julia Preston, national immigration correspondent for The New York Times, talks about the story she wrote for the paper.

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Angel from Miami, FL

Cubans are allowed to come here and get citizen-like benefits from the government. This hoopla seems like something specifically against Mexicans and Central Americans. Maybe those folks should join the Republican Party along with the Cubans. That way they'd get the superstatus Cuban immigrants enjoy.

Anyways, it seems we're stuck in past fruit company fiascos and sanctioned coups. Because there's really no reason why Central and South America shouldn't be where we outsourced our manufacturing jobs. Instead we sent those across the Pacific to China. Do we hate Spanish so much that we rather [not] learn Chinese?

Oct. 19 2011 11:48 AM

There is more to it than simply a government agency, ICE, catching and deporting illegal aliens with criminal records, something which is good for the USA. The nation has found a convenient way to solve the lack of workforce availability for certain types of jobs, viewed by most Americans as undesirable and dead end jobs. The restaurant and agricultural industries, where workers make less than minimum wage and work without any other type of benefits, are two that come to mind. Why does a nation with real unemployment levels reaching double digits need immigrants, by the millions, to fill certain types of jobs? Simply put, because its citizens refuse to do these jobs now viewed by most Americans as modern day slavery. The real solution is for America to be fair and put into action the old adage that says you can’t have your cake and eat it. Either we accept legal immigration and deal with the illegal immigration that comes with it, or we should shut the door to immigration all together and figure out a way to force American citizens to go to the fields to pick up crops and to take the jobs at the slaughter houses like it or not. In the end we will see massive portions of the American agricultural economic activity come to a halt because of lack of workers. These activities will then naturally shift south to Mexico and Central America and millions of immigrants will no longer risking everything by coming to work here in America because they’ll have the same type of jobs only this time at home. The price of food in America will suffer from severe inflation, but we’ll no longer have the unwanted immigrants.

Oct. 19 2011 10:02 AM

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