Illegal Immigrants: A Look Behind Detention Walls

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's one of the most controversial topics for this year's Republican presidential hopefuls: How should America be handling illegal immigration? Bachmann, Romney, Perry, and Cain have all weighed in on the issue. In the meantime, the Obama administration set new records last year for detaining and deporting illegal immigrants. And this year, the government plans to top their record by removing 400,000 more. A new episode of "Frontline," called "Lost in Detention," investigates what detaining and deporting involves, for individuals, law enforcement, and communities. The episode airs on PBS stations tonight.

Maria Hinojosa, correspondent for Frontline, and host and managing editor of NPR's weekly radio show, "Latino USA," talks about what she found while making the documentary.


Maria Hinojosa

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Lady Justice is Blind!!--We are supposed to uphold & enforce the laws of this land w/o prejudice...!--but the reason we are in the current MESS is because Obama (& other pres.'s) want to pick and choose who/how to deport!!!--guess what if you chose to break the law entering this country Illegally then you & ALL your kids & all of your many relatives need to be DEPORTED...Any Questions?? and/or -- Stop the Madness!

Oct. 18 2011 03:19 PM
Blake Cushing from Toronto Candad

This is all despicable. The USA with the propounded best economy and ideology on earth, has over 20 million citizens in prison. With fiat money it is easy. 'Cept it ain't so easy no more. Is it? How any one be declared foreign in the family of man? People consider their employees as criminals because some professional liar says it is a good idea. You cannot see how perverted you are - this is the major problem - you think we do this for free. Imbecile.

Oct. 18 2011 01:42 PM
Estoban from Phoenix, Az.

A record 46 million Americans now live in poverty, including one of every five American children. There are 7 million illegal aliens holding American jobs by committing felonies. Deport all of them.

Oct. 18 2011 11:38 AM
Maureen from detroit

I have no sympathy for illegal immigrants. They broke the law. They are ILLEGAL. When you break the law, you pay the price. When I have broken the law, I have had to pay. They need to take personal responsibility for their actions. If their actions impact their legal children, that is really unfortunate for the kids that the parents broke the law. Sins of the parents are visited on the kids.

Oct. 18 2011 08:43 AM
Zane Dennis from Denver

No one is deported for speeding or not having a driver's license, they are deported because they are in the country illegally -- that is their offense.

Oct. 18 2011 08:40 AM

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