Wall Street Protests Continue

Friday, October 14, 2011

Hundreds sleep in Zuccotti Park, the center of the Occupy Wall Street protests, on October 10, 2011. (Ben Johnson/WNYC)

Monday marks the one month anniversary since the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street protests. What began as a group of demonstrators setting up shop in a small park in the heart of New York's financial district has turned into a nationwide movement, with similar protests popping up in cities across the country. Protesters will be hoping for a peaceful morning, as police try to move them temporarily in order to clean the park.

Nicholas Kristof, columnist for our partner The New York Times, gives us the big picture of what impact the protests will have.


Nicholas Kristof

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Angel from Miami, FL

Listener has a universal template modeled after Rush Limbaugh's daily rhetoric. Listener adds words like "fatuous" to project an illusion of intellectualism. The words, however, seem less like those of a conservative and more like those of a Heaven's Gate nihilist awaiting the next comet encounter.

Oct. 17 2011 03:07 PM
Sitso Maximo from Los Angeles

Hey Listener, just try to listen up! The Dictatorship does exsist here in the U.S. There are thousands of ridicules laws on the books that weren't on the books in the 50's and 60's that actually suppress the American citizen! Back then there were companies not corporations in the Business world that gave a good U.S. made product for a fair price! They gave good wages to workers. The American Dream was middle class, Mom's Apple Pie and Dad's Chevolete, not Do You Want To Be A Millionaire!! We are being Surpressed by ridicules laws by micro managers local, state, and Federal angencies at the behest of mega-Corporations who own Politicians Republican and Demorcrate! The police dept's across the country have become Police Militias for the corporations and banksters. These Police Militias are not acountable for their abusive actions violating civil liberties everyday! Unarmed people are being shot and killed across the country! Laws like for the park, no lying on th grass, no loitering , picnicing ,no blankets, no sitting! What people supposed to do stand in the park for ten minutes and go! The Corporate Media does a good job of brain washing the American people into accepting these laws and Goon Squad Police abuses! They also condition the people to accept corrupt politicians, corporations, and legal system ! So we are living in a Corporate Dictatorship! The Powers That Be want the protesters out of the park far away from their Golden Goose that lays the Golden Egg that's Wall Street!

Oct. 14 2011 06:49 PM
Selvin Stephenson from Brooklyn,NY

My heart is with the occupy wall street protesters.
This brings to mind a plaque on a wall in a merchant`s store. it read "there is enough in this world for everyone`s need but not for everyone`s greed"
These banker`s and the rest of the 1% have to be reigned in!

Oct. 14 2011 05:11 PM

Putting aside the fatuousness of comparing a third world dictatorship like Egypt to the US, didn't many of the protesters and their supporters enthusiastically vote in the current administration and a four year Democrat Congress that played a major role in this downward spiral in the economy? Is it remarkable how the Democrat establishment which is embracing this movement has gone from calls for "civility" to promoting a "primal scream" in less than a year?

The "exhilarating and fun" Egyptian uprising is predictably turning authoritarian and brutal. Is this the goal of the protesters if this disturbing comparison is to be taken to its logical conclusion?

Oct. 14 2011 11:38 AM
Jim from Pacific Northwest

We fully support the Occupy movement. It is the most important social movement since the '60s. We all need to get together to cast off the yoke of corporate tyranny. The federal politicians are not going to help, because they've already sold out. It's up to us, the 99%.

Oct. 14 2011 11:21 AM

Last night on MSNBC, I saw a MoveOn.org leader acting as a spokesman for Occupy Wall Street.

Makes perfect sense to me.

"Overthrow the Government! And Re-elect Obama!"

Oct. 14 2011 11:03 AM
Steve from Anderson, Missouri

I agree to an extent that lots of our financial woes came from the bonus system given to those who were penning mortgages and those who approved mortgages which went into default. I blame the American way of thinking moreso though .... we tend to live beyond our means because we want better things than we can ideally afford. That's because many of us don't make enough money to put away for retirement and still live a comfortable life. As such, upper management keeps putting huge salaries into their wallets, while those who make their companies all these profits live just above the poverty line ~ keeping people in an economically depressed situation. For instance ~ if the company posts multi-billion dollar profits for the year and the annual cost of living has gone up 7%, yet an above average performance review for an employee only nets a 3% pay increase, there is no progress for the employee.

It'll only get better when there is more equity in the pay structure (which we know will never happen) and when products and services are priced more fairly. It's left up to the American public to get a degree in a field where they can provide for themselves and their families better .... you can't rely on your employer these days to actually provide you with anything substantial.

Oct. 14 2011 10:34 AM

I propose an "emancipation proclamation" for congress to free them from their corporate masters. We've somehow managed to institutionalize bribery. We must have an amendment to ban corporations and interest groups from making political contributions.

Oct. 14 2011 06:58 AM
Bryan from New Bedford MA

I completely support the Occupy Wall Street movement and even drove 4 hours to participate. What should citizens do about the extreme economic inequality in the US, write their congressman? Please! When our elected leaders answer first to their corporate donors, this is the only thing we can do. With so much money flowing into Washington, our democracy has become an oligarchy.

Oct. 14 2011 06:28 AM
Sisto Maximo from Los Angeles

The Emporer of New York, Billionaire Bloomberg has spoken! He turned a thumbs down on the protesters and will send his Henchmen, the NYPD for a violent confrontation! The samething that the evil dictators Egypts Mobarak and Libya's Gaddafi is know Billionaire Emporer Bloomberg! Showing the world what kind of corporate Dictators run this country! There will be violence and the Emporer will try to put a spin on it but in the end the Emporer will have no clothes!

Oct. 14 2011 02:16 AM
groovepin from Valley of the Rogue, OR

This movement was never going to be small. Get corporate money out of our government. One person one vote. No more buying of politicians. Corporations are not the people. We are.

Oct. 14 2011 02:05 AM

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