Rep. Brad Miller on Debit Card Fees

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Bank of America's decision to charge customers $5 per month to use debit cards has prompted many, including President Obama, to criticize the banking giant. Other large banks, including Chase, Wells Fargo, SunTrust, and HSBC, are following suit, with plans to charge their customers varying monthly debit card fees. This leaves many Americans wondering what steps they should take next, and where they should do their banking.

Yesterday, The Takeaway spoke with Richard Hunt, president of the Consumer Bankers Association, who defended the banks' actions and blamed the fees on the federal government. Many listeners were outraged.

Rep. Brad Miller, Democratic of North Carolina, introduced a bill to the House of Representatives on Tuesday that would allow customers to switch banks with greater ease. He responds to Hunt's accusations.

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Brendon from Los Angeles, CA

Please Keep up the good work Brad. Please check out my petition @ - 13,000+ signatures thus far. Thank you i appreciate it much, my home is on the line.


Oct. 11 2011 09:53 PM
Earl Crockett

Keep up the good work, Brad! It's hard to imagine anyone (who isn't vested in Bank of America) not liking your proposal to give bankers (consumers like me) a choice to conveniently switch banks. My alternative bank is lined up and ready for the day Wells Fargo follows suit. I like the idea of empowering bank clients like me to talk to the bank with my feet!

Oct. 07 2011 01:08 PM
ann t berry from Raleigh, NC

As Brad Miller's constituent, I'm glad you gave people a chance to realize how valuable he is to common, middle and working-class people. Sadly, the GOP-dominated state legislature has done its best to gerrymander Miller out of his seat. We'll see what happens, but this is one congressman who is working hard for us, and his loss would for sure be ours.

Oct. 06 2011 05:03 PM

"Competitive costs" in the industry is very different than government costs imposed on them for political reasons.
Perhaps voters will take their business elsewhere the next election day.

Oct. 06 2011 09:33 AM

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