Elizabeth Warren on Her Bid for Massachusetts Senate

Friday, September 30, 2011

Elizabeth Warren (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

Elizabeth Warren announced her bid for the Massachusetts Senate seat currently occupied by Republican Scott Brown (and formerly by Democrat Edward Kennedy) just over two weeks ago. Since then, she's obtained widespread support from top Democrats and has created a moderately viral video.

We speak with Elizabeth Warren about her campaign (and ask her about Bank of America's announcement that they'd impose a new monthly fee of $5 for some debit card customers.)


Elizabeth Warren

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Note well, how softball this interview was.

It starts with the video that went viral; it was so polarizing, the one thing she really needed was an opportunity was to explain it. So along comes public radio to give it to her. No other questions asked.

Actually, there were some other questions asked; they were mostly along the lines of, "So why do you think your opponents are so dumb?"

I absolutely guarantee, that if the presumptive Republican nominee for the Junior Senate seat from Massachusetts is ever invited on to The Takeaway, the questions will be much harder.

It is baseball playoff season, so let's go with a baseball metaphor. This interview was a swing and a miss.

Oct. 02 2011 11:28 PM

Reported in The Atlantic,
“She also has close ties to small business. Her daughter runs one, she told a voter, and wants a simpler tax code. She knows there are loopholes that might help her, Warren said, but she can't afford to hire a lawyer to find them. “
Her daughter who graduated from Brown and the Wharton School of Business, runs a business that headhunts executives for Fortune 1000 companies, is a successful author and a journalist who is married to a successful Hollywood producer cannot afford a lawyer. Mum wouldn’t give her a bit of advice.
America must be in more trouble than I thought.

Oct. 02 2011 02:19 PM
Twrexx from California

One has to wonder what kind of glasses one is wearing when a simple message of "Pay your fair share of taxes" is turned into the second coming of Lenin. People like "listener" are apoplectic about Warren and I consider this a good thing. It means they are running scared. So far their transparent attempts to discredit her have fallen on deaf ears. And listener, if you think Scott Brown is going to win the election, I suggest that your political instincts need a little fine tuning.

Sep. 30 2011 06:55 PM
Angel from Miami, FL

@listener: When I read your comments I come to believe our school system has failed us. You shouldn't create mesh-ups of multiple plagiarised editorials. It puts the emphasis on your lack of analytical skills.

Sep. 30 2011 11:06 AM
Amy Phillips

What a refreshing viewpoint. Here is somebody who understands Keynesian econocmis and why it is important that the goverment must spend money to help rebuild the economy and not just offer tax breaks to companie.

Sep. 30 2011 10:22 AM

Where is the recovering economy that was promised to justify the trillions in new spending and where is the administration's budget after the first one was rejected in the US Senate 97-0 while the Senate submitted no budget in over 800 days and the Congress submitted no budget last year after nearly quadrupling the deficit?
This is not ancient history to be forgotten so quickly.

Sep. 30 2011 10:02 AM

to 'listener': re: "President Obama launches under false pretenses the largest spending increase in the history of mankind without a budget "

If you want to be taken seriously don't throw out empty rhetoric such as this

Sep. 30 2011 09:28 AM

Straw men arguments can be deeply deceptive and the one presented by the now kinder and gentler Ms. Warren is no different.
Companies and those they employ have paid for years all kinds of taxes and regulations.
President Obama launches under false pretenses the largest spending increase in the history of mankind without a budget and when citizens rightly object and question this spending they are accused of not wanting to pay any taxes at all. It is amazing people fall this obvious straw man sophistry.
There was a time when a statist politician would easily win in Massachusetts but after three years of Obama, Pelosi and Reid even the blue states may prefer a moderate Republican like Sen. Brown.
It is interesting how a person elected to the US Senate is required to swear an oath to the US Constitution even though their political principles are generally opposed to the document.

Sep. 30 2011 07:59 AM

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