Global Protests Driven by Disillusionment and the Economy

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

From London and Athens to Israel and India, and now, Wall Street, protesters all over the world are taking to the streets, and their complaints are not that different. Income inequality, unemployment, austerity measures imposed by governments thought to be inept and removed from the will of the people have fueled protests around the globe. Like the protests of the Arab Spring, which have toppled authoritarian governments in the Middle East and Northern Africa this year, these protesters utilize social media to organize, and shun traditional political institutions.

Nicholas Kulish, Berlin bureau chief for The New York Times, wrote about this global trend in today's paper.

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"Greater freedom and things for free" underscores the infantile and muddled nature of these left-wing protests.
If a society gets more things for "free", it becomes more and more dependant on the "free" things and thus loses its freedom.
When a statist government cannot afford the "free" things anymore, the dependent public revolts.

In the media it seems the only legitimate protest is a leftist and statist protest no matter how violent and law breaking.
The Tea Party movement in three years moved from a grass roots effort to a political force by working lawfully through the system and calling for less government, not more.
Rather than praised by the media as being proved prescient in their calls for less spending and fiscal responsibility, they are constantly defamed and demonized to this day while law breaking leftists with a confused agenda enjoy sympathy.

Sep. 28 2011 09:13 AM

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