Suicide Bombers Attack Moscow Subway

Monday, March 29, 2010

Police and emergency workers at the Park Kulturi metro station in Moscow (Oxana Onipko/AFP/Getty Images/Getty)

Two female suicide bombers wearing belts packed with explosives blew themselves up on the Moscow subway just before eight o'clock this morning — a time when the city is busiest with commuters. Chechen rebels are believed to be responsible for the attack, which has left at least 37 people dead.

The first explosion took place on a train pulling into the Lubyanka station and the second was at the Park Kultury station. For more we're joined by The New York Times Moscow bureau chief, Clifford Levy, and the BBC's World Service Russia editor, Olexiy Solohubenko.


Clifford J. Levy and Olexiy Solohubenko

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Manuel Bello from Miami, Florida

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Mar. 30 2010 09:32 AM
John Blumenstiel from Sharon, MA

What Course should be required?

A History of Democracy with both left, right and centrist views that explore history of, curent challenges to and ways to maintain Democracy.

We must get the larger population engaged in the preservation of Democracy.

Mar. 30 2010 06:09 AM

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