Jane Lynch on Glee, TV, and 'Happy Accidents'

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's fall, so a new crop of TV pilots are beginning, and many of them center on female characters — many of which are young or on the prowl for husbands. But there's one show that continues to depict a slightly older, stronger, and certainly more interesting female character: "Glee." Sue Sylvester, the bossy, overly-confident cheerleading coach on the popular musical sitcom, is arguably one of the most unique and interesting characters to grace prime-time television in recent years. That's partially thanks to good script-writing, but mainly because of the talented actress who portrays Sylvester, Jane Lynch.

Lynch talks about her role on "Glee," her experience hosting the Emmy awards on Sunday, and her new memoir, "Happy Accidents."

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Mike from Detroit, MI (westside)

To me Jane Lynch's favorite character was Charlie Harper's sarcastic therapist, Dr. Linda Freeman, on Two And A Half Men. The one-on-one shrink scenes were one of the best elements of the show that suprisingly did a great job of humanizing the otherwise superficial, and self-absorbed character as Charlie is usually portrayed.

Jane's character uses reverse psychology and ironically displays the same egocentric disregard for other people's emotions that Charlie frequently does which results in his character unusually opening up and expressing his insecure feelings about his life happenings during their therapy sessions.

The interaction between Jane Lynch's and Charlie Sheen's characters is television comedy writing at its best and is one of the great many things that will be missed from Two And A Half Men now that they have moved forward without Sheen's presence.

Sep. 21 2011 10:51 AM

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