How Sex Abuse at a Milwaukee Deaf School Affected One Victim

Friday, March 26, 2010

The New York Times reported this week that top Vatican officials, including the future Pope, did not defrock an American priest who had sexually abused as many as 200 boys at a Milwaukee school for the deaf. Arthur Budzinski is one of the deaf victims named in the abuse case and he tells us how the experience changed his life. We also hear from his daughter, Gigi, who interprets on the air.

Then, we go live to Rome, to New York Times correspondent Rachel Donadio.

Read excerpts from the recently uncovered documents at The New York Times website: The Document Trail: The Predator Priest Who Got Away


Arthur Budzinski, Gigi Budzinski and Rachel Donadio

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Posey Gruener

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hi,im deaf in goa-india.before2001 i std to texas school for deaf.i miss all too.

Jul. 11 2010 03:16 AM
Survivor from Anonymous

In the poem, I said, "There was no need for us to tell," meaning if we were terrified into silence, God knows what happened. I didn't mean we shouldn't tell and go get help, but to real therapists and also the cops.

Apr. 01 2010 11:24 PM
Survivor from Anonymous

Their jig is up, the angel said.
There's no escape, tho' he were dead.
They think that God can't hear or see,
So deaf kids live in misery.

But Jesus loves us little kids
And tho' their sins have long been hid,
By Roman Palace, no more so.
The Light has shined, and now we know.

He said that God was "on his side,"
And me he tried to terrify.
The liars pain exists in hell.
There was no need for us to tell.

Our God has ears and eyes and stuff
And won't put up with any guff.
Our Jesus sits and cries with us
In 7th heaven we are close.

I been to heaven, seen the place,
and Jesus wearing daisy chains.
He promised me that's where I'll be
And stay for all eternity.

His Mother came and got me back,
When my life went on the wrong track.
I seen the girl up in the sky,
She showed me Jesus, why He died.

We don't need them when He appears
And talks with us and calms our fears.
The clergy He puts on His shelf
And says, "I'll do the work Myself."

Apr. 01 2010 10:59 PM
Leon Freilich from Park Slope


Scream away, little boy,

Do you think you can annoy

Those entrusted with the prayers

To the Lord Himself? Who dares

Question Church authority

For the merest buggery?

Your childish cries fall on deaf ears!

Repent for endangering careers.

Mar. 26 2010 10:01 AM
Ed H. from Larchmont

When then Cardinal Ratzinger got this report in 1997 or so, the man was four months short of his death. Out of mercy he didn't remove him from the priesthood, he had requested to be allowed to die in peace. What would have been gained by removing him from the priesthood at that point?

Mar. 26 2010 09:35 AM
Ed H. from Larchmont

Cardinal Ratzinger was there when the priest was put into therapy, but he was already in Rome when for seven months when the priest was re-assigned.

Mar. 26 2010 09:03 AM
Ed H. from Larchmont

"Media requests to deal with this subject make it difficult to provide an adequate response to today's article by Laurie Goodstein. But the time has come to ask some serious questions about why the Times is working overtime with wholly discredited lawyers to uncover dirt in the Catholic Church that occurred a half-century ago. Those questions will be raised in an ad I am writing that will be published in next Tuesday's New York Times; a rejoinder to the article will also be made. All I can say now is that this is the last straw." Bill Donahue, Catholic League

Mar. 26 2010 08:07 AM

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