This Week's Agenda: Interest Rates, Taxing the Wealthy, Palestine

Monday, September 19, 2011

This week, Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve will hold a rare two-day meeting to decide on interest rates, which are currently close to zero. Meanwhile, President Obama will release details of his deficit reduction plan this morning, and one key component is taxing the wealthy, which has many Republicans screaming "class warfare." The Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting begins tomorrow, and the primary topic of discussion will be jobs, as unemployment and poverty prove to be an ever-increasing global problem. Later in the week, the Palestinian Authority will ask the United Nations Security Council for full membership, which the U.S. has already said they will veto.

Charlie Herman, economics and business editor for The Takeaway and WNYC, and Callie Crossley, host of The Callie Crossley Show on WGBH in Boston, look at all the big news stories in this week's Agenda.

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Why do we have a massive deficit and debt to be reduced in the first place?
The Democrat Congress nearly quadrupled the deficit without submitting a budget and the President spent more than anyone in history while submitting a farcical budget that was rejected 97-0 by the Democrat controlled US Senate. That budget like the debt ceiling fiasco were carefully calibrated political moves by the administration designed not to build the economy but damage their opposition.
We are now being treated to yet another farcical and unsustainable plan intended to get them passed the finish line and the credulous media is playing along.

Sep. 19 2011 10:28 AM

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