Quick Poll: Your Reactions to President Obama's Jobs Speech

Friday, September 09, 2011 - 12:01 AM

Last night just after President Obama finished his address to a joint session of Congress, we wanted to conduct a quick poll, and asked 200 of our listeners from all over the country to give us their immediate reaction. We got a substantial response, and we're still taking submissions. If you want to participate, comment here, or sign up to be part of our texting team and our daily conversations on the news by texting "start" to 69866. Check out the graph of responses below. 

The question we asked was a simple one. We want to get a quick poll of your reaction to tonight's jobs speech from the president. Do you feel: A. Better B. Worse C. No Change D. Didn't Watch

As you add your own responses, we will incorporate them into the results here.


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Comments [7]

Chuckster from Chi-town

Well, great words, I like his teams' ideas but all too many SOU speeches are just words. Thinking any president we elect should have more freedom to carry out their policies, good or bad. We otherwise really don't know what we elected.

Jan. 25 2012 11:24 AM

One month later after the massively hyped speech we are told the joint session of Congress address was pure political posturing and leading Democrats never expected the jobs bill to pass.
Reactions now?

Oct. 12 2011 03:09 PM
Bobby Baker from Joplin, MO.

I must say I felt a little better. I was impressed with the passion he put into the speech. I am not, however, optimistic about passage of his jobs legislation. I believe that Republicans have decided to oppose anything he suggests or presents even at the expense of the country. I hope the country is watching and figures this out. Republicans cannot be allowed to be successful with this strategy, they must pay a hard price at the ballot box. I fear that if they don't they will be emboldened to repeat this over and over in the future against any opposition. I fear they may think themselves unaccountable.

Sep. 11 2011 09:05 PM
Robert Gilstein from Dartmouth, MA

The payroll tax break section of Obama's plan won't do anything but dig a deeper hole in Social Security. 2-3% more in my paycheck will not encourage me to do anything at all. Doesn't even cover real inflation. STUPID!

The tax credit section of Obama's plan won't encourage any firm to hire - $4,000 is too small to encourage any firm to take on the risks of a new hire. It would only put more money in the bank accounts of firms hiring anyway. If the average job pays $40,000 plus 20-30% for payroll taxes and benefits, or $39 -52,000, $4,000 is a measly 7 - 10% of the cost of a new hire.

If we really want firms to hire, the feds must share the risk of hiring new staff. Something like a $20,000 tax credit, or 30-50% of the cost of a new hire (with an upper limit) would be a true incentive.

$100 billion at $20,000 per new job = 5 million jobs!

That investment would be paid back by new payroll taxes combined with the same people no longer taking unemployment or welfare benefits, not to mention taxes from increased profits and the economic multiplier.
That's real, not some statistical extrapolation; not the print and pray of a QE III.

Robert Gilstein
62 Tucker Lane
Dartmouth, MA 02747

Sep. 09 2011 08:01 PM
Chips Mow from Petaluma, CA

I was very impressed by the President's speech, if not inspired. Going to the people is the correct approach

Sep. 09 2011 05:17 PM
John from Suburban Philadephia

This President is bankrupt on ideas and leadership. I actually feel sorry for him. There is nothing new in his proposals - just more spending and NO results. We need to start a movement to buy him out of his contract. Please resign for the good of the U.S. No businesses will hire anyone when there is no confidence in the country's president. And, we don't need more teachers, first responders and govt leeches.

Sep. 09 2011 08:17 AM
Ade from New Jersey

I like and trust president Obama. Is very upsetting the Republican actions and I'll be remembering this at the time of the elections !

Sep. 09 2011 07:54 AM

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