Diabetes: Preventable Killer Sends Health Care Costs Sky-High

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A major part of the health care legislation that President Obama is expected to sign into law today focuses on cutting the skyrocketing costs of medical care. People with chronic diseases put a particular burden on medical services, and policy analysts say that getting better access to preventative care can drive down health care costs.

But getting earlier care can be challenging. We take a look at this issue by focusing on the preventable Type 2 diabetes. We speak with John Salazar, a resident of Ecourse, Mich. who has struggled with diabetes for 18 years, and with Dr. Anne Peters, the Director of the Clinical Diabetes Program at the University of Southern California, who likens diabetes to a cancer than can be cured.


Dr. Anne Peters and John Salazar

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Noel King

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Shindy Johnson from Brooklyn NY

I love Michael Steele's comment. What he and the Takeaway hosts fail to add is that the needle saves the child's life and every parent endorses that methodology if it means that their child's health will be protected.
The thing that frustrates me about this program is the attempts of the the hosts to be flip and facetious with very serious topics.

Mar. 23 2010 08:40 AM

A pharmacist colleague of mine was commenting on the passing of the Health care reform and I thought this was worth conversation.
He said, " All those who do not want health care reform should have to sign off on getting care while uninsured. If they are diagnosed with cancer they can not receive the care, if they have a heart attack and have opted out of being insured then they should not be allowed to come into The ER for treatment. Life health catastrophes are more likely than not to happen and that is why all should want to be insured. "
I may not agree with the all of it but it is a good way to look at why everyone should want it. By the way the biggest plus to me is the removal of the pre-existing conditions. Also how ironic we are all willing to secure our future against wars but not willing to spend money to ensure you have a nation healthy enough for the wars.

Mar. 23 2010 08:29 AM

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