Cuba Accuses US of Destabilizing the Country, with the Internet

Friday, March 19, 2010

A recent ruling that allows U.S. companies to provide Internet services Cuba, despite the embargo. But Cuban officials say this is a direct threat to the Cuban leadership, claiming that the United States aims to "use these services as a tool of subversion and destabilization." 

The BBC's Michael Voss has been following the story and he joins The Takeaway from Havana, Cuba.


Michael Voss

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Walter Lippmann from Los Angeles, California

When I was in Cuba less than two weeks ago, Internet access cost $3.00 for thirty minutes, or $6.00 per hour, not $8.00 as Michael Voss states.

I spent a month in Cuba as part of my work directing an Internet-based Yahoo news group on Cuba.


Mar. 19 2010 08:14 AM

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