Education Week: Schools Feeling the Budget Squeeze

Monday, August 29, 2011

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All over the country, 50 million public school students will head back to school this week.  And so today, we’re starting a week-long special look into the state of education in America in 2011. Today, we're talking about shrinking school budgets. State budgets have been feeling the squeeze since 2008, and with stimulus money running out, this is the year when schools are really having to tighten their belts. Later this week, we'll talk about the No Child Left Behind Act's looming deadlines, which require that by 2014, 100 percent of students will test at grade level in reading and math.

We're speaking with Michael Rebell, executive director of the Campaign for Educational Equity at Teacher's College.


Michael Rebell

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maureen from Detroit

I am so tired of hearing about how much people have to pay for band, art, drama, and having to buy pens and pencils. I send my children to a private school and have since birth. I have never had the school supply anything other than the best education I can afford. Why do people think that they should not pay for some services? Public does not mean free. If you want something enough, pay for it and stop whining.

Aug. 29 2011 09:30 AM

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