In New Memoir, Cheney Opens Up

Friday, August 26, 2011

Former vice president Dick Cheney has never been shy when it comes to criticizing his political enemies. Yet the longtime public official is also a notoriously private man. In his new memoir, "In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir," Cheney opens up about some of the inner workings of the often-secretive Bush Administration. In an interview with NBC's Dateline to promote the book, Cheney promised "heads will explode all over Washington."

We're discussing the book with Tom DeFrank, New York Daily News Washington bureau chief and self-professed long-time "Cheney watcher."


Tom DeFrank

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Paaaleaase! Take this program away! Boosting Chaney and his recent "book" outlining how his Bush administration hoodwinked the country into one of our darkest periods in history. Please, this program is 6 (or is it only 4 hours that seem longer?) hours of poorly researched, non factual, fuzzy headed opinions with very little relevance to anyone living in the Metro area.
PS: As a Yankee fan, or any baseball fan for that matter, John Hockengoogels comment of Yankee announcer John Sterling radio call of a record setting three grand slam home runs at one game, "ridiculously annoying" only highlights the "old fogey" approach that this show presents. What, jealous of someone who is actually good at what he does on radio, JH? I've occasionally tried to listen to this program every so often to see if it will EVER improve but every time I do, I wind up regretting that I didn't listen to some any / other program.
OK, I'll calm down as soon as the brilliant Brian then Leonard shows come on the air.

Aug. 26 2011 10:07 AM

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