This Week's Agenda: Libyan Rebels Overtake Tripoli, Obama Prepares Jobs Speech

Monday, August 22, 2011

Over the weekend, Libyan rebel forces took key positions near the capital of Tripoli, and last night they flooded into the capital and battled with loyalists to Col. Moammar Gadhafi. Rebels captured two of Gadhafi's sons, including Seif al-Islam, the assumed heir-apparent, while civilians celebrated in the streets over what may be the end of Gadhafi's 42 years in power of Libya. Meanwhile, in the United States, candidates who hope to capture the Republican presidential nomination continue to duke it out over who would lead the country best, and President Obama is preparing his jobs plan, which he'll unveil in a speech next month.

Kelly EvansAhead of the Tape columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and Noel King, managing producer for The Takeaway, discuss the week's major news stories.


Kelly Evans and Noel King

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The comic desperation on the part of the media to find any positive success for the administration is matched only by the administration shameless willingness to quickly claim credit for itself or assign blame to others. This Constitutionally questionable "kinetic military action" of "days, not weeks" was dutifully ignored by the media for months. Will media attention be averted again when the next conflict emerges in that ravaged nation?

Aug. 22 2011 07:08 AM

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