Obama Administration Announces Change in Immigration Policy

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Obama Administration has announced a dramatic shift in its immigration policy. The Department of Homeland Security announced it will focus on deporting undocumented immigrants with criminal records or pose a threat to national security. Those without criminal records will be allowed to apply for a work permit. The move marks a shift for the Administration, which has drawn criticism from immigration rights advocates for the record-number of deportations that have occurred since the president took office.

We’re joined by Jorge Ramos, anchor for the Spanish language television network Univision.


Jorge Ramos

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she in LA

I used to be closeminded and prejudice. I used to think the immigrants should all be shipped back because they were taking the jobs. I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know some really good people who are here from other countries. I now think there are a lot of Americans who should get off their rear ends, get some morals, and learn what is means to have ethics, or shut the heck up. There are a lot of ignorant , lazy American people. Especially dead beat parents who leave their spouse and children. The immigrants have the hard, dirty, sweaty jobs that the American born don't want to do, and they support their families financially. If you are a hardworking, honest PERSON it shouldn't matter where you were born. What matters is how we treat each other as people. We are all God's children.

Sep. 12 2011 10:04 AM
reXteryalizer from Alabama

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Aug. 31 2011 11:51 PM

There is a difference between giving a person credentials to stay and work here and giving him citizenship. I don't see any problem with simply collecting information from immigrants who are here without the proper credentials, finding out where they are a citizen and various pertinent facts about them. Then, after the information has been verified we are sure they are not wanted for some crime, why not let them stay here as long as they want? We need more workers, especially younger ones. One of our most serious problems is that we have too small a base of younger workers to support the rapidly aging population. This would be one way of pushing down the average age of our populations and our workforce. Only a portion of those given worker (or student) credentials would even want to become citizens. Some may simply want to work for some time periods and then go back to their home countries. As things stand today, it is too dangerous from them to return home if they know they will want to come back next year. So once in they often stay permanently. The only thing "illegal" about the so-called "illegal aliens" is that they lack the proper credentials and documents. That is more the fault of our immigration system than their fault. We should meet them half way and offer them the chance to sign on as longer term or even permanent residents. Then, hopefully, a number of them will eventually make it through the long, arduous process of becoming citizens.

Aug. 30 2011 03:35 PM
Brittanicus from Indianapolis, IN

We've got to reverse Obama's Backdoor Amnesty. No Backdoor Amnesties! No states without E-Verify protection or “Secure Communities.” No more giving away American jobs to illegal aliens! There is no other option, but to remove through mandatory E-Verify (the business safety-net that identifies foreigners in the workplace) and in addition start amplifying 'Secure Communities." 22 million US citizens and legal residents should not be searching for a job, when the Democrats are abusing the "Rule of Law" that all Americans are committed too, written down in the US Constitution.

Last week, the White House announced a new plan that will provide an amnesty to non-criminal illegal aliens. Under the new policy, deportation cases will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and certain illegal aliens will not only avoid deportation, but could also apply for work permits.

Under the plan, 300,000 illegal aliens could receive work permits while 22 million Americans who want a full-time job can't find one!

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Lamar Smith, has introduced legislation that would prevent Pres. Obama and the Department of Homeland Security from moving forward with this policy. The HALT Act (H.R.2497) would prevent the Obama Administration from:

• granting parole (except in narrow circumstances),
• issuing deferred action (except in narrow circumstances),
• issuing extended voluntary departure to removable aliens,
• granting work authorization to aliens on a discretionary basis,
• granting TPS to any new groups of aliens,
• waiving the three and 10 year bars to admittance for aliens who have been illegally present in the U.S., and
• Granting cancellation of removal to illegal immigrants.

Contact your U.S. Representative urging him/her to support Rep. Smith's HALT Act. Remember the TEA PARTY leadership is against any form of AMNESTY, as this reckless law that President Obama has just past. The more millions that are encouraged to smuggle themselves into this nation, the more money it cost taxpayers. The worst flaw in Immigration laws is CHAIN MIGRATION. This law must be rescinded, after the original sponsor drops his surety and taxpayers become the payee for those family circle sponsored. They collect (SSI) Supplementary Security income and state payments, which none of these sponsored people have ever paid into. Read all the facts at NumbersUSA, Federation for American Immigration Reform, V-DARE and Judicial Watch for corruption in Washington.

• Our nation should welcome employees with the high credential, especially in the technology. Economical illegal aliens should hunted down and ejected, as they are welfare recipients that we can no longer afford.

Aug. 22 2011 07:52 PM
Brittanicus from Indianapolis, IN

Urge Congress to pass the halt act.

Did any Americans expect the Obama government to sidestep the Congress by executive order, giving 300.000 nationals to probably receive a free pass? I guess when the polls say your ability to run the government is in the doldrums, the only method of hoping for better outcome in 2012, is for the ethnic majority--legal and illegal is to get out the vote. Because our federal voting laws are so negligent, voting numbers for Obama, will be magnified illegally by foreign nationals in that election. More and more states are requesting official picture ID to vote, such as a Drivers License, but even that ID is not without risk?

Of course the Obama administration and the hard core leftists that are in the Department of In-Justice agency, this new policy will remain subdued when carried by the Liberal press. So the majority of the general public will stay satisfactory ignorant. Simply put, you only hear the propaganda and rhetoric from the Left wing of reporters in the national press. The moderate side of the media is disturbed by the costs involved, when the dollar figure expenditures are alerted by different states, to appease the illegal alien invaders. Highest on the dollar spectrum is the instant citizenship for babies, a misinterpreted text under 14th Amendment. Over three hundred thousand babies annually are smuggled into America inside the pregnant Mother across borders or through airlines entry points. Once here the baby born gets an automatic birth certificate, the illegal mother can collect all manner of welfare payments, including the free hospital stay. It bears repeating that the small state of Rhode Island, is caught up in this forced judicial law as are all Americas taxpayers.

The fact is that it’s perfectly legal for a impoverished, pregnant illegal alien, who presents herself as such, to receive state aid in Rhode Island or come to that most states, especially frontier states. It’s the law! As Rep. Peter G. Palumbo (D-RI) reported, if pregnant illegal aliens show up at a Human Services office in Rhode Island, they are given the option of Blue Cross, United Healthcare, or Neighborhood Health insurance. They also receive a $450 a month debit card, and $275 a month in food stamps. According to Palumbo, the extension of such entitlement programs to illegal aliens is costing the state approximately $150-$350 million a year. Next year Rhode Island costs will rise, as well as the estimated $113 Billion dollars for the country--currently will sky rocket.
We cannot forget that the Heritage Foundation apprised the majority of taxpayer’s fears, if Obama signed into life another executive order for the second mass AMNESTY, the dollar projection would be a negative $2.5 TRILLLION.

Aug. 22 2011 07:51 PM

Just as it was said in this interview, I hope that this sudden change in the immigration policy signifies the beginning of President Obama's move towards the reform that the immigrant community has been awaiting for the entirety of the 2008-2012 presidential term. I would like to point out that contrary to popular opinion, this change in the policy, and later a possible immigration reform, would mostly benefit people who's only "crime" has been to want a better life for themselves, people who just want to be given a chance to live the American Dream , and most importantly people who deserve to be given that chance based on their merit to survive in a society in which stability for them is such a far fetched notion. Finally having read the previous comments about the idea that the legalization of immigrants would affect US citizens' chances to succeed in the job industry, I would like to urge this person to truly reflect on the reasons why they would find themselves in such situation, and realize that the integration of immigrants into the work force would only (at it's worst) create a more competitive job industry, fact that should not concern US citizens as immigrant or not, we all have the same capacity and receive the same level of education. Therefore; if there were ever a situation in which a US citizen were to loose a job opportunity to an immigrant, it would not be because of his/her citizenship status but because of his/her qualifications and abilities.

Aug. 20 2011 03:57 PM
TK from LA

One more thing I was just reading and someone said that it seems like they can receive a permit without being legal come on foreal that's not fair if the president do that everybody will cross the border are you crazy Obama? Yes its good to help people but before you help people you have to help yourself. Because when the United States need help no one is around. Then they want to raise taxes. Not fair. Raise taxes on the rich not the poor.

Aug. 20 2011 03:58 AM
TK from LA

I just wanted to say that everybody should be treated equal. But I think the immigrates that is illegal should be deported because they are taking our jobs and people are moving from Los Angeles and is going else where. But the ones that have criminal back grounds should go back. And also I think that it is unfair when they come out here and apply for aid they get more money and get it first which I think is unfair. Do something about that Obama. Thanks for listening.

Aug. 20 2011 03:48 AM
Alex from n/a

I wish, Bush had done this before I was deported. Now I am without my wife and son. Even though I have a college degree from the States, I live there for 16 years, no criminal record, and I pay taxes like anyone in the States. I really miss my family so bad. These people don't think about other human beings. They only think about themself. People this is only polotic,, mark my words, nothing will be done. Just like any previous president, they only promise. .....

Aug. 19 2011 11:04 PM

We were all once illegal..My stance is, if u r going to work in the U.S. as an illegal immigrant, partial taxation should applied.

Aug. 19 2011 10:58 PM
Marie from NY

This will not change a thing for US citizens but it will greatly improve the lives of illegal residents who will now be able to work legally. It is a cancerous anti-immigration lie that allowing illegal residents the right to work legally will rob US citizens of jobs because these people are already working and for US citizens no less and everybody knows it. Undocumented workers are not the reason the unemployment rate of this country is on the rise. Companies who go to other countries are responsible. These companies have factories in Mexico and other countries because they can pay people $50.00-$80.00 a week. A work week is 6days and a day consist of 12 hours. The maximum pay of $80.00 is for management positions. They also don't have employee medical insurance or vacation or sick days or time and 1/2 for OT. I know a Mexican who said that when they had a large quota, they locked them in and refused to let anyone leave until it was met. They even have gaurds at the door. This was a popular denim jean factory. That is why citizens of other countries leave and come here. Even illegal, they can have a better life than in their own country. Here they do the manual "grunt" work still but it pays more than in their own country. They are not taking jobs from US Citizens because they lack the skills and education level required for most US jobs.

Aug. 19 2011 05:10 PM

This will mean work permits for thousands of people who resided in the country illegally.
To be fair, when the President promised a jobs program, he didn't specify it would be for US citizens.
How will this politically calculated decision that undermines the Congress impact the already record high unemployment in poor communities with young workers being the hardest hit?

Aug. 19 2011 10:21 AM

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