How History May Judge Obama in Crisis

Friday, August 19, 2011

Winston Churchill will always be remembered for his handling of the Axis powers in World War II; President George W. Bush and Rudy Giuliani are inextricably linked to their responses to 9/11. Many world leaders are known best for actions they took in times of great crises. For our nation's current leader, the history books are still being written, and a second presidential term is a possibility. We wanted to preview what history may say of President Obama’s handling of the social, economic and military crises that have so far marked his first term in office. How will future generations remember him?

For a long view, we're speaking with Barbara Leaming, author of "Churchill Defiant: Fighting On: 1945-1955."


Barbara Leaming

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Hsi-Chang Lin

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Don't get me wrong, leaders need to have the intestinal fortitude to drag the rank and file through the muck, even if it is kicking and screamng and in the end make the final call....however, what Obama promised was change and the welcome change I see in in him as a leader is his undaunting committment to work collaboratively and build consensus, looking beyond party line and forcing everyone to face the music. After all, isn't this the higher road to which we are all trying to walk - making sure all sides are heard and if at all possible, hopefully making us all winners in the end. Are we as Americans so unenlightened that we default to the "business" as usual, which is seems to be my way or no way? I am hopeful, given that I am standing on the precipice between generations that our nations leaders will default to the "New Normal" in engaging collaboratve decision making.

Aug. 19 2011 10:06 AM
Mordecai Christi from Boston, MA - WGBH, 89.7 FM

A job like president, we can all assume is 'not as easy' and 'far-more complicated' once in office then any who run can ever assume, much less a person who hasn't dealt directly with what the legislative system in our country works psychologically on those in it.

That said, he is someone I have threads of belief in if he should rise to the liberal occasion; Ron Paul has my vote if he makes it past the bigoted crazy lady and the bigoted oil baron.

Obama will be remembered as of now as milquetoast, a parasite, fake, and a turncoat.

Run-off voting.
Write-ins/no parties.

Aug. 19 2011 09:38 AM

So we begin the year with a mendacious and politically motivated appeal for "civility" which has long since been discarded by the Democrats and now they demand political "fighting" from their leadership?

Obama's great political talent from the first campaign for the Illinois senate to the 2012 Presidential election is to surround himself with the most ruthless political fighters possible while keeping himself above the fray making grand but hazy promises to the people and letting them project their hopes, fantasies and desires on to his image.

The question is will this grand deception that apparently many are still captivated by continue to work as the inspiring "Hope and Change" morphs into the depressing "New Normal".

BTW...It is worth remembering that President Obama promptly removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office that was graciously given to the US by our greatest ally after 9/11.

Aug. 19 2011 09:22 AM

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