Congressional Debt Panel Faces Steep Challenges

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The twelve-member joint Congressional "super committee" that has been tasked with creating a deficit reduction plan that both Republicans and Democrats can stomach — by Thanksgiving, no less — has a tough path ahead. It's a goal that seemed impossible for President Obama and Congressional leaders to achieve, just last month. Can the committee succeed where others failed?

Jennifer Steinhauer is a Congressional correspondent for our partner, The New York Times. She's speaking with us about the challenges facing the divided committee and what happens if they fail.


Jennifer Steinhauer

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Wasn't the "super committee" formed to deal with the nearly quadrupled deficit created by the four year Democrat controlled Congress?

Is this "super committee" is meant to distract pubic attention away from the President and his party who created this massive debt and deficit in the first place
by blaming "Congress" or "Washington" and not the administration who approved this profligate spending?

The debt ceiling could have been raised last year by the Democrats but will they induce another financial crisis for political advantage only this time impacting the US military for all our allies and adversaries to witness and plan accordingly?

Aug. 18 2011 09:19 AM

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