If You Were On Our Super Committee...How Would You Solve Debt?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 06:10 PM

Congress has a super committee, and we're looking for our own. Do you have an interest in the issues, and the problem-solving skills to tackle them? While politicians in Washington haggle over spending cuts and new tax revenues, we want to look at the solutions put together by regular Americans. Over the next few months as 12 members of Congress and the Senate meet, we'll also be covering some of the possible solutions for the country's debt challenges. We need your help. Fill out the questionnaire below and you could get chosen to help The Takeaway, The Brian Lehrer Show and It's A Free Country try and solve our nation's problems. 


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Ben Pogue from Lake Worth FL

1) Major cuts to military offense,2) Ag Bill gutted(I'm a farmer and I need to choose the right crop to make money, so should the mega farms)
3) wipe out the DEA and several other federal agencies, stop the useless war on drugs
4) establish a uniform tax % for everyone, if I pay 25% of my net income, so should the top 5% of the population.
5) implement the libertarian ideals of the people who founded our country, we are a free people, free to thrive, free to fail, let the weak companies, communities die off, stronger one will rise without artificial support from government agencies, whether its Fed, state, or local.
6) Let the oldest of all conservative ethics thrive- Encourage us as a nation to mined our own business, whether its another country or our neighbor.

Aug. 18 2011 10:11 AM

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