'Super Committee' Considers Military Budget Cuts

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tasked with fixing the nation’s economic problems, the bipartisan "super committee" of twelve Congressional members may be leading some politically sacred cows to slaughter. In the halls of Congress, there is now discussion of making cuts in defense, intelligence and military spending, including pensions for retirees with 20 years of military service. Is Congress really ready to change the course of our military spending, or, is this just another bargaining tactic?

We're speaking with Josh Rogin, staff writer for Foreign Policy Magazine, and Army Sgt. Genevieve Chase, founder and executive director of American Women Veterans.


Josh Rogin

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Al Johnson from Auerbach,, Germany

We have people with higher educational backgrounds and special interest that fuel the decline in real time worth. There has been poor decision making in spending for years. Easy fixes are possible but no one wants to give up a dime because every penny is needed to maintain the present posture. The planned cuts affect the lower income personnel and programs assist those in need more so than the higher income personnel. Numbers I know about. They cut the government least vehicle program by 50% because that was the requirement. But they didn't look at what was really needed before this was done. So now instead of spending $232.00 a month for a vehicle they pay one individual that amount to provide their own transportation. In the Grafenwoehr Garrison alone as many as 300 statements of non-availability so far this year paid out. Last year by June over 700 issued. That's just one community. Units with serious soldier requirements were cut more than the ones that everyone has their own vehicle that is hardly used. But the position counts. Next, hospital appointments. It cost more to treat a soldier or dependents at a military facility than at a local civilian facility. I don't mean use the civilian clinics over our own. But, to transport a soldier 400 kilometers for care that can be received 20 kilometers away and cheaper and quality treatment also, how are we saving money. GS9 and above receive LQA. So people making 4-8000 a month rent and utilities are paid each month. A person making 1-3000 a month has to pay there own rent and so on. TDY. Depending on the location here overseas, as much as 350.00 is paid a day. Minus the hotel cost is pocket money. Average room is 75.00. So you can eat and drink for 275.00 or spend 30.00 and pocket the rest. And the list goes on. The higher income having to miss one day of work will still have there rent paid each month. The lower income will still have to pay the rent no matter how much less they make. That is not what right looks like too me.

Mar. 31 2013 05:15 PM

Time for a time line.
The Democrat Congress almost quadruples the deficit and spends more than any Congress in history.
The Congress last year submits no budget and takes no action like raising the debt ceiling and apparently for pure political reasons cynically passes the buck to a Republican House which is forced to deal with a massive debt the Democrats created and a world wide debt crisis begins which could have been avoided.

This leads directly to a "super committee" which was created to deal with the massive deficit of the Democrat Congress and has built in political third rails for
Republicans like the wedge issue of Defense spending cuts as we move into the 2012 election year.

The massively expensive and waiver inducing Obamacare which may be unconstitutional is not being cut back but the military is as we fight three wars and China launches an aircraft carrier and we are then lectured this week about the awfulness of putting politics ahead of country.

This massive debt after the largest spending increase in world history launched by the Democrats and approved by the administration is now impacting national security. Smart power.

Aug. 17 2011 10:17 AM
Frank Taylor from Miami, FL

Perhaps the US can no longer afford to be the policeman for the world. There are over 40 US military installations in Germany alone plus others in Europe. Who are we defending Germany against? The Cold War ended more than 20 years ago.

We have 50,000 troops in South Korea. South Korea has a prospering economy. Why can't they should the burden for their own defense?

Aug. 17 2011 09:45 AM

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