Pentagon Seeks Overhaul in Military Benefits

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An influential Pentagon panel is eyeing the most radical overhaul of military retirement benefits in 50 years. In its plan the Defense Business Board proposes doing away with the traditional pension program for any members serving 20 years, and replacing it with a 401(k)-style account with government contributions. The DBB says the current pension system is unaffordable and, if the new plan were implemented, it would save the Pentagon a quarter of a trillion dollars over twenty years.

Joining us is Andrew Tilghman, senior writer at the Military Times.


Andrew Tilghman

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wow....really??? All this time...26 yrs total time in the service with 15 of it active and THATS how I am rewarded??? WTH Washington???? I don't see your sorry ***'s putting YOUR lives on the line to protect MY country...the only one's benefiting from this is your FAT pucker up and kiss my Sicilian you know what!!! ALL of you need to be voted out of office and give this country BACK to the people!!!

Aug. 18 2011 01:12 PM

Off all the bloated and overpaid government agencies it is the military that we are supposed to focus on?
Unlike an employee of the Department of Energy or Education, ect. someone who served 20 years in the military voluntarily gives up lucrative career opportunities and a considerable amount of civil liberties without the option to easily resign or go on strike.
This appears to be yet another cynical attempt to create a political wedge during an election year.

Aug. 16 2011 10:47 AM

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