Rep. Barney Frank's Take on the Super Committee

Friday, August 12, 2011

The countdown to December 23 has begun for the Congressional "super committee" that's tasked with reducing the nation’s debt. Yesterday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi named the last three members: Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina, Rep. Xavier Becerra of California and Rep. Chris Von Hollen of Maryland. Will the committee be able to compromise, particularly as each party begins to prepare for the heavy political sparring yet to come out of the 2012 presidential election?

We're speaking with Barney Frank, representative for Massachusetts’ fourth Congressional district and ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee. Rep. Frank is skeptical about the committee and not optimistic about its outcome. He is less concerned with procedures and more focused on results.


Barney Frank

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Vincent Schonarth

I used to be a resident of Massachusetts. I need someone from Congressman Franks office to help me with a problem with the Massachusetts Child Support division who is trying to force me into paying for child support that I do not owe. They are now threating to have my drivers license taken away. Please call me ASAP at: 609-303-2900
Respectfully Yours,
Vincent Schonarth

Aug. 25 2011 06:14 PM
JP from Denver

Does anyone honestly think we can cut our way out of our debt problem? Mr. Frank wants $30 per $1,000 of income above $250k. I'll give him $60 and I am in that tax bracket. But again, I'm Canadian :)
I'm just curious if our pro-business friends to the right believe that a business could grow and thrive only through cost-cutting without any top-line growth? If they want to run the government like a business than at least be consistent in your philosophy please.

Aug. 12 2011 11:20 AM

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