London Riots Spread Across Britain

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"When we see children as young as 13 looting and laughing, it is clear there are things wrong with our society," said a disgusted Prime Minister David Cameron outside 10 Downing Street this morning. London was relatively quiet last night as an additional 10,000 police officers were deployed around the city after three nights of violence, looting, and arson. However, violence spread to other major cities including Manchester and Birmingham.

The BBC's Nick Ravenscroft speaks with two 16-year-old boys about why they are participating in the riots. BBC reporter Catherine Stanczysn gives a live update from Birmingham, where three men were killed Tuesday night after being hit by a car. The West Midlands Police are questioning a man on suspicion of murder.


Catherine Stanczysn

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John Manrique from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Those are our kids; the voice of the next generation. Have you ever heard anything so pathetic? So depressing?
Saddest of all, these two boys have no idea why they are rioting. Then again, they probably don't know why they do anything. Voices void of direction, purpose ... "because everyone else is." They have no future - the world tells them so. Every day. 
"But what if you get caught? This is criminal," the reporter reprimands them. 
"So what?" they respond. There is no concern with consequences. They don't care. 
Does that shock you? Do you want to grab them by the collar and threaten them with extreme punishment; scare them straight? So what. Threats only work when what you're taking away is valued, cherished. What value has been given to these boys, their lives and their futures?
These are the voices of the generation we're raising. Boys and girls rioting in London, young people using their bodies as bombs in Baghdad, and children selling themselves on the streets of New York. This isn't restricted to some far-off neglected, dirt-poor corner of Africa - these are kids across America, Europe and the world. Young people who see no future, and as a result, have no regard for the present. 
Is this class warfare? A minority thing? Racially fueled? Jihad? Pundits and politicians can call it whatever they want to push their agendas, but the answer I hear in the voices of those two boys is indifference. Cold, hard, "no one gives a sh*t" indifference. Poor, middle-class, white or black, it doesn't matter. If you're not working for something, looking ahead - if you've got no hope - then you've got nothing to lose.
Before that reporter stopped those boys and asked, "why are you doing this?" when was the last time someone asked them "what do you like? what interests you? what do you want to do?" ... and actually cared about the answers?
Those are the questions WE ALL need to ask our kids, and work to insure our homes, neighborhoods and communities provide them with opportunity to realize their answers. Because while all kids aren't these boys, all our children & young people do need a purpose and hope for a future they don't want to lose. We can't afford to lose.

So please ask. Today. And listen to the answers. Thank you.

Aug. 11 2011 09:27 AM
LossOfGravity from New Jersey

There is something actually Worse than Not Caring and that is Pretending to Care, for it creates Contempt and Fearlessness. The Rubbish that it takes a Village to Raise a Child suggests that Everyone is Responsible, but all that really means is that Nobody is Responsible with fingerpointing in all directions. Let’s go back to basics. Parents have a Responsibility, and Government or Government Money cannot Replace Human Sentiment and neither academics nor government officials should maintain such a Pretense. BE Honest with Yourselves and with the Hooligans. This they will Respect – Government is not Mum. It will be a Shock, but it will also be an Honest Surprise all around. Up & At’em!

Aug. 10 2011 12:18 PM
Eric from Detroit

Thank you Rose!

Aug. 10 2011 10:41 AM
Rose from Boston

Eric -

Came looking for it too, for the same reason.
I found it here, via Ravenscroft's Twitter feed:

Aug. 10 2011 10:30 AM
Eric from Detroit

This appears to be the Lessons for London from Newark clip, I was looking for the one where the two 16 year olds were interviewed, is it available? Found it fascinating, wanted to share it with some friends. Thanks!

Aug. 10 2011 10:12 AM
Eric from Detroit

This appears to be the Lessons for London from Newark clip, I was looking for the one where the two 16 year olds were interviewed, is it available? Found it fascinating, wanted to share it with some friends. Thanks!

Aug. 10 2011 10:12 AM

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