After The Takeaway: Celeste Reflects on Political Dysfunction

Thursday, August 04, 2011 - 03:26 PM

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After this morning's show, The Takeaway's co-host Celeste Headlee reacts to the Congressional deadlock over the Federal Aviation Authority authorization bill that has left the agency partially shutdown and about 4,000 FAA workers indefinitely furloughed. She discusses a recent Pew Research Center study which reveals that a growing number of Americans are disgusted with both Democrats and Republicans, and, as a result, are choosing to affiliate with neither party. Celeste reminds us that there is only one solution to political dysfunction: educate yourself and show up at the polls to vote.


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Disfunction in Congress? Is that referring to the Pelosi led Congress that spent more than all the other Congresses in US history combined and didn't even submit a budget last year? How about the US Senate that signed off on the greatest spending spree in world history but did not submit a budget in over 800 days? Of course this is a reference to the Republican Congress that submitted a budget and an economic plan called cut, cap and balance that attempted to deal with the massive debt that led to a downgrade but was quickly defeated by the Senate without debate. That kind of disfunction?

Aug. 10 2011 09:05 PM

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