Listeners Respond: What Haiti Needs Now

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two months after a massive earthquake in Haiti left 230,000 dead and more than a million homeless, we've been asking what listeners think Haiti needs from the world right now. We got responses from all over the country, but especially in Miami, the center of the country's Haitian immigrant population.

We Thank our friends at WLRN in South Florida, where most of our responses came from.

Here is some of the reaction we've been getting so far. Leave your thoughts below or call 877-8-MY-TAKE.




The primary need is shelter:

Where were the celebrities before the disaster?

Hire Haitians:

Back to our roots:

A failed society:


Comments from our partner in this project, All

"In my opinion, Haiti needs all three (money, help with their education system and more press coverage). Since Haiti is the poorest country in the Americas, monetary aid is always needed, but continued press coverage on the situation in Haiti as well as helping re-build their education system are clearly also urgently needed. It's scary and horrible that two other major and destructive earthquakes have occurred so closely after the 7.0 hit Haiti on January, 12th 2010 (a massive 8.8 hit Chile on February 27th and a 6.0 hit Turkey on today, March 8th). The press is covering all three, and coverage for each region is now diluted."

"Well I would say money and of course it really depends on how they intend to use that money.Right now the people need more safe shelters that can protect them and the woman from being raped and kids from going missing. also it can buy them the food so it could take care of the basic necessities that they need for the moment."

"You really asked a very good question. According to me Haiti needs medical & infrastructural support to rebuild the Haiti as it was before the earthquake. As i am not affected by the earthquake i could not give the right opinion & advise. I wonder why Haitian president René Préval is traveling to the White House to tell President Obama what his country needs ? It would be wise for President Obama to go to Haiti and ask the citizen there as what they need."

"Haiti needs more American immigration visas. It's scary when you look at the numbers. Pretty much every single step, every dollar Haiti has put toward their poor is sent into the country from foreign nationals living in the United States."

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Peg from Eastman Hill Gardens

After the earthquake, Haiti needs:

1. Birth control and an effort to produce few children during this rebuilding period

2. Creating real work to feed themselves. They need their own sustainable agricultural industry. They need to stop cutting their trees for charcoal cooking. ( marijuana stems would provide an annual crop of burnable replacement for wood and would save Haiti's forests, the seeds are high protien, the leaves make wonderful mulch, the fiber makes rope and paper))

3. Using foreign aid with Haitian workers to rebuild sustainable and hurricane/eartquake resistant housing.

4. Neighboring countries should provide temporary residency for Haitians too weak or too young to help with the rebuilding effort (they can return when adequate housing is ready for them.

5 Expedited efforts to find loving parents (anywhere) for orphans.

Mar. 15 2010 08:21 AM
Hank from Littleton, MA

I realize that this may be all too obvious to some but if Haiti will ever be able to stand on its own in the world and have anything close to a vital economy, what it needs most is a compassionate and responsible government. The stories I’ve heard that the existing ‘government’ insists that all aid materials be delivered to them so that they can disperse it is worse than laughable. As long as a government as corrupt as this exists in Haiti, nothing will change.

Mar. 15 2010 08:20 AM
Regine Cambronne from Miami, Florida

Baptist Health South Florida is coordinating a four-day meal-a-thon for Haiti, March 13-16, 2010. During a four-day period, we have thousands of Baptist Health employees and their families volunteering 10,000 hours plus to assemble One Million Meals for Haiti. Approximately 3,500 people in two hour shifts of 200 will participate in the four-day meal-a-thon to keep focus on Haiti’s long-term recovery efforts. The meals will consist of packages of rice, soy protein, chicken broth and vitamins. The humanitarian effort is the product of a unique collaboration between Baptist Health, its employees and the Feed My Starving Children organization. In addition, Baptist Health South Florida has donated $400,000 to the Haiti earthquake relief fund consisting of employee donations to the American Red Cross matched 100% by Baptist Health South Florida. We will continue to monitor Haiti’s recovery efforts in the upcoming months to see how else we can contribute to the rebuilding of the earthquake ravaged country.

Mar. 11 2010 05:48 PM

HAITI needs to have the PALACE removed from P-AU-PRINCE,a technological structure ;ROUTES and Bridges where needed.GROUND RESSOURCES to be exploited,eliminate presidential election (AMBITION)ESTABLISHING ;3 SPOTS for GOVERNORS where each and everyone will work for their population (less violence,more responsabilities,less stealing).

Mar. 11 2010 09:30 AM

Ever heard of Bialystock and Bloom?

Mar. 11 2010 07:25 AM
Lopp from Miami Beach, FL

It does not matter if the Haitian Diaspora can vote or not. The only sustainable way the world can help Haiti is to help eliminate corruption on the island. No country in the world can work for its citizens when its government officials work one hundred percent for their pockets. Anything of monetary value that falls into government workers in Haiti will stay right there. They will share among themselves and sell to the people. If it is cash, it goes straight to their bank accounts.

Mar. 10 2010 04:05 PM
domnogin from Miami FL (WLRN)

It's ironic that Presidents Clinton and Bush #43 are fundraising for Haiti. Clinton's free-trade policy lowered Haiti's tariffs that had allowed it to be self-sufficient for rice. Bush #43 ousted President Aristide, adding to the instability. I hope they can raise $20B; it will be interest on the real debt. NBC's short-lived "The Philanthropist" "Haiti" (2009)[] covered the trade problem better than the news!
Welcome to the "USSR vs. IBM" world predicted in the book FUTURE SHOCK. Despite the song "Imagine" there are no countries, only corporations like in the movie NETWORK; the Citizens United decision says so.

Mar. 10 2010 10:59 AM
Emmanuel from Miami

All Haitians and specially the Haitian Diaspora definitely have a important role to play in the future of our Haitian Nation. Unfortunately politicians in Haiti have always stood against that fact. Sure its ok for them that the Haitian Diaspora accounts for 25% of Haiti's GDP. However we still do not have a voice in how Haiti is govern. Unlike in many other nations with a Diaspora we still can't even vote in our country's Election. I believe that the Haitian Constitution should be amended to allow all Haitians to participation in Haiti Elections, whether or not they have double nationalities. We are still Haitians

Mar. 10 2010 10:20 AM
Michelle from NYC

I agree with the comments about the role that needs to be taken by the Haitian Diaspora. International aid will be needed a long time, but the long-term solution in Haiti must be predominantly FUBU. Major mobilizations are underway all over US. We called a meeting at the UN on 2/24 and 700+ people came - all anxious to help with their hands not just their money. We are launching a "surge" of Diaspora-driven actions on the ground and welcome all -

Mar. 10 2010 09:43 AM

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