Kathy Bolkovac and Larysa Kondracki on 'The Whistleblower'

Friday, July 29, 2011

Rachel Weisz in 'The Whistleblower.'

Child sex slavery and human trafficking are crimes often associated with international criminals. But what if the people behind these heinous activities were actually our friends and co-workers? A new film called "The Whistleblower" tells a real story in which this is the case.

Larysa Kondracki is the director of "The Whistleblower," and Kathy Bolkovac is the inspiration for the film. While working in Bosnia, Bolkovac uncovered a wide-scale sex slavery and trafficking scandal, involving U.S. military contractors and the United Nations. 

"The Whistleblower" trailer:


Kathy Bolkovac and Larysa Kondracki

Produced by:

Kristen Meinzer

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missionrat from Haiti

the same thing is happening in other UN missions I know I've seen it and the UN just turns a blind eye....I know because I've reported it to them.
It's the same in all missions Kosovo to Haiti to the Ivory Coast....the Good Ole Boys Club it it's best! Hats off to Kathy Bolkovac and Larysa Kondracki.

Apr. 18 2012 03:39 PM

This film The Whislteblower stands apart from news reports I have heard of whistleblowers being arrested across the U.S.A.

This Film appeared for the first time in my life at the Red Box rental
machine 2/29/12. I've nver heard of this film, nor it's authors, but this is an important tool for education and developing awareness for those considering working with the U.N. I wouldn't want my states sons and daughters invited into overseas Contractor positions, only to become part of what we are there to stop. Peace Keeping seems to be a joke, so what can we do to improve things? Anything?

Mar. 01 2012 08:01 PM

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