Norway Attacks Spotlight Europe’s Extremists

Monday, July 25, 2011

As Europe struggles with issues of integration and assimilation, Norway’s attacks have exposed the danger of the continent's right-wing extremists. The suspect’s tirades against multiculturalism and Islam come at a time when governments across the continent work to ease immigration and cultural differences. The country must now face the prospect of more violence.

Jonathan Laurence is a professor at Boston College, and an expert on European politics and Islam, talks about the region's political and cultural identity in his book "The Emancipation of Europe's Muslims: The State's Role in Minority Integration." Dr. Saeed Khan, a lecturer in Islamic and Middle East study at Wayne State University in Detroit, talks about the rise of Islamophobia around the globe.


Dr. Saeed Khan and Jonathan Laurence

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Mr Hockenberry, I am very disappointed that you tried to exploit a death penalty agenda because of the Norwegian tragedy. Europe have had that debate and have proved to be civilized. The moving words of the Norway's Prime Minister contrasts markedly with the rabid rhetoric of George Bush after 9/11. This barbarian extremist would love to be martyred by the state and if you don't realise it you are as idiotic as your question on the death penalty suggests. Treat his as criminally insane, as he deserves, and this would rob him of the political dignity which he claims, and which the death penalty would give him. The US can give no moral high ground or advice on this subject. Last week Texas murdered a man in spite of pleas for clemency from his own victim and other victims family members, who showed they were more civilized than the State of Texas itself, a state with a notorious record of injustice. The racial disparity that exists in the exercise of the death penalty in this country, exposing the continuing institutionalised racism here is well known internationally. This is the "example" the US continues to give Europe and you wonder why they continually reject it?

Jul. 25 2011 10:27 AM

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