Opinion: Opposed to Marriage, Same-Sex or Otherwise

Friday, July 22, 2011

As gay marriage is approved in New York, a street party erupts in front of Stone Wall Inn in the West Village As gay marriage is approved in New York, a street party erupts in front of Stone Wall Inn in the West Village (Stephen Nessen/WNYC)

This weekend, gay couples in the state of New York will begin legally tying the knot. While most gay rights supporters have been vocally celebrating this milestone, there are others who don’t see legal same-sex marriage as a triumph. 

Laurie Essig is among them. A lesbian and sociology professor at Middlebury College in Connecticut, where gay marriage is legal, she’s been teaching "The Sociology of Heterosexuality" for over a decade, and in 2000 wrote in article for Salon, "I don't care if it is legal, I still think it's wrong — and I'm a lesbian." 

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Dennis Small from Middlebury, CT.

There is no Middlebury college in CT??
Come on, fact check!!

Jul. 22 2011 05:12 PM
Louise from Detroit MI

What a relief to hear Professor Essig’s clear and articulate point of view. For years I have been saying, "Well, I'm actually against gay marriage, but not for the reasons you think." I'm delighted that someone else feels the same way about the suspect merits of having marriage be the defining factor for equal social rights. As an unmarried heterosexual, I always hoped the gay and lesbian movement would spearhead a force for social change whereby everyone had equal rights regardless of marital status. I was disappointed that the movement opted to fight instead for the antiquated "sale and barter of women" marriage paradigm.

Jul. 22 2011 01:42 PM

One of the Left's favorite rhetorical canards is that Conservatives have been hysterical, in arguing that the Left's social agenda is a threat to traditional marriage.

"How," they ask, "does the marriage of a gay couple threaten traditional marriages?"

Well, that answer was probably not an easy or simple one. Until now. With a lesbian, left-wing Middlebury College Professor arguing that traditional marriage is indeed the enemy of freedom. And with the additional reference to "apartheid" thrown in for good measure.

Thank you, Professor Essig, for finally clearing up the question, "Is there any evidence that the Left wishes to destroy tradtional marriage?" The answer now is "Yes. See Professor Laurie Essig, at Middlebury College. Who is also a contributor to the Left-wing e-zine, Salon.com, and who also (naturally) is a guest on various NPR programs."

Jul. 22 2011 11:00 AM
Ed from Larchmont

They ran a lottery in NYC, expecting throngs of marriage requests ... the first 75 would get married that day ... only 83 applied, so everyone can be accomodated. Not quite a throng. Was changing the law really necessary?

Jul. 22 2011 08:24 AM

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