In Debt Talks, Norquist Holds Republicans to No-Tax Pledge

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tensions have been escalating between Republicans and Democrats in debates this week over the debt limit, as they struggle to reach an agreement about the budget by August 2. President Obama will speak about it in a press conference this morning at 11 a.m. (EST). Heading into the weekend, neither side is budging, and for the Republicans, some say that’s in large part because of one person.

Grover Norquist is the president of Americans for Tax Reform. For more than two decades, nearly all Republican politicians have signed his pledge not to raise taxes. That pledge is binding them now, as Norquist has been in contact with Republican leaders to reminding them of it.


Grover Norquist

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joetheplumber from Bk.NYYYYYYYY

The President could walk on water and it still would not be enough.
Tea Party people are just republicans in drag.
They have 2 take off that belt its cutting off blood 2 the brain.
Americans have 2 look in the mirror and get their Sen.&House member out of congress.
We need term limits.
Americans are fair in every thing we do so lets be fair on this debt thing or we are all going 2 pay in more ways then 1.

Jul. 17 2011 01:09 PM
Steve Chatman from Detroit

After listening to Norquist, I'm all for outlawing all pledges. It seems by forcing politicians to sign pledges of any kind, you tie their hands and beat them over the heads with it. President Obama changed his idea of the debt ceiling from his former views as a senator, since he now has a better view of the situation and how it will impact the country. The only pledge that should be allowed is that of the Allegiance to the U.S.A, not some shadow group paid for by anyone (rich or otherwise).

Jul. 15 2011 02:36 PM
HomeBuilding from Red State Oklahoma

What a l y i n g, c o n n i v i n g _ ack of _ _ _ _ !

His God, Ronald Reagan raised the debt ceiling SEVENTEEN times.

Obama has cut taxes, continued cuts for the wealthy, and made certain that the poorer workers have more money in their pockets.

No word on these from those who purposely seek divisiveness

But most of all, the non-signers (both parties, actually) of the grover pledge actually understand their obligations to the WHOLE country, and their obligation to speak for the betterment of ALL

Spend the time better by interviewing authors who have written on the seduction of Americans through any any and all propaganda

Jul. 15 2011 11:27 AM
Edward from South Georgia

Norquist dominated the segment, spewing his lies, twisting the truth and using Republican talking points (Obamacare) without any challenges. The interviewer seemed unprepared for someone with his oratorical skills.

Jul. 15 2011 10:05 AM
Edward from South Georgia

Norquist dominated the segment, spewing his lies, twisting the truth and using Republican talking points (Obamacare) without any challenges. The interviewer seemed unprepared for someone with his oratorical skills.

Jul. 15 2011 10:04 AM
James Niesen from Pittsburgh, PA

Thought Norquist was given a pass. He was very aggressive right from the start with taking fire at what is no more than a semantic distinction of who the pledge was made to. He said it was "to the American voter." That seemed to throw the interviewer and she never recovered from it. Why didn't she remind him how much of the stimulus was actually a tax break for instance? I had a strong sense she hadn't done her homework and wasn't versed in the topic'

Jul. 15 2011 09:33 AM
Bryan from Michigan

When a Congressman signs this pledge, or any pledge, it is a promise to stop thinking.

It is a promise that, no matter how much damage is being done, they will not help prevent or repair the damage.

Norquist is nobody. And the fact that these Republicans, as a bloc, follow him blindly -- *blindly* -- says a great deal about the Republicans.

Anyone who signs this pledge -- or any pledge -- should be disqualified from serving in government.

Jul. 15 2011 09:32 AM
James from haverhill

I've never listened to a grover norquist interview before, didn't realize he was such a lying hateful pr!ck.....Just another rich greedy republican attempting to blame the state of the economy completely on obama - as if the increased spending and tax cuts of the bush years never happened. Looking into norquists history, I tend to agree with Alan from Dedham, though I wouldn't put norquist above cheney as far as the damage he caused to the country - cheney has it all over norquist

Jul. 15 2011 09:29 AM
Frank Serafino from Florida

Grover Norquist is one of the biggest government haters from the right. they claim to love this country they just hate most of the people in it except the very wealthy. The only way to listen to anyone from the right wing is to first assume they're are lying. Every American knows you have two methods of getting out of debt decrease expenditures and increase income. Which is why so many people are working two jobs today.

Jul. 15 2011 09:29 AM
Mordecai Christi from Boston

Norquist -

What is confusing to you in how capitalism is first of all a void of a system, destined to drain the world of all eventual greatest strengths of chances at true equality for all humans?

What is restraining your mind from comprehending the true end of our efforts as evolved, enlightened human beings is the greatest good for the greatest amount?

We pay into a system now, broken as it is. Spend your efforts on actually studying philosophy of equality, real good, real ethics.

Understand your efforts to force some pledge is closed-minded, is promising to harm, not to be a real and good human.

Think, think what is truly right.
Feel it, and then act.
Your path is a drain on the most of good society.

It is not becoming of a person to perpetuate a selfish nature.
A closed mind... how do we move on past your dedication to this apparent self and social destruction?

One last time: How can you come to see that the end is not for business, but the end (the telos, the real and true good) is for our society, for our education, for our millions who simply CANNOT have jobs, for physics, sheer physics, does not allow two humans to occupy the same place at the same time - some cannot work simply because there are NOT ENOUGH JOBS possible to EXIST.

Others are disabled. Unless you suggest some sort of eugenics, your policy is simply unacceptable and it must be reversed.

Jul. 15 2011 09:22 AM
Alan from Dedham MA

Grover Norquist has done more to damage the US than any other citizen.

Jul. 15 2011 09:17 AM

I want the millions in tax loop holes cleaned up/eliminated. Especiaolly those going to companyies that have raked in millions in profits year after year. They should be using their profits for growth and R&D, not my tax dollars. We're already paying them once when we purchase their product or service. It's like double taxation!

How much are gov't purchaing depts paying for hammers and toilet seats these days?!!! That was a big issue several yrs ago.

Jul. 15 2011 07:49 AM
Peg from Southern Tier NY

Where is the evidence that Norquist's anti-tax, anti government philosophy works??? What large country on earth is an example for us to follow? - None!

We've been waiting over ten years for the jobs to trickle down to us but they are still leaving the US.

Tax the rich starting with Norquist first. That's where the money is.

Jul. 15 2011 07:13 AM

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