Stopping Human Trafficking on the Home Front

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A new report by the State Department says 27 million people are victims of human trafficking worldwide. Though the report names Libya, Iran, Myanmar, and Sudan as the worst offenders when it comes to human trafficking, the United States is not immune to the problem. Hundreds of thousands of people are trafficked in the U.S., and most of them are women and children. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has advocated for a solution to this problem, saying world leaders need to do more to combat it. But our guests say it's not just up to law enforcement and border control to prevent trafficking—hospitality and travel workers can be the first line of defense.


For more on that, we speak with Luis CdeBaca, Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons and Sarah Jakiel, Associate Director of the Polaris Project, an anti-trafficking group based in Washington, D.C. that runs a 24-hour free and confidential trafficking hotline: 1-888-3737-888. 


Luis CdeBaca and Sarah Jakiel

Produced by:

Hsi-Chang Lin

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