Chopin's 200th Birthday

Monday, March 01, 2010

Frederic Chopin Frederic Chopin (paukrus/flickr)

Frederic Chopin always claimed that March 1st was his birthday, despite church records saying he was born on February 22. Chopin would have been 200 this year, and it seems churlish to argue with a 200-year-old, so in honor of his special day we look back on what made him great, and why we still love his music.

Terrance McKnight, host of Evening Music on WQXR, plays us some Chopin (and hums some as well) in tribute to the legendary composer.


Listen to Chopin's Nocturne In F Minor:

Hosted by:

Lynn Sherr

Produced by:

Kristen Meinzer


Terrance McKnight

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