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Thursday, February 25, 2010

This is our cat Spank who loves to go out in the boat with his daddy. He lives on a pond in Liberty, Maine.
Randy Westmoreland
Steve and Rigby
Randy Westmoreland
Janeane and Bella
Bea Hanssen
Will you please vote for me? Pretty please, says Mousey, the tortoise shell cat.
Tena Brown Wright
This is my cat Izzy. Who says looks aren't everything? Please vote for her.
Karin Andresen
Blackie and Multi are THE best cats! (I didn't name them -- they ran away from a neighbor.) Blackie's best buddy is the neighbor's Burmese Mountain dog, Trixie.
Karin Andresen
Multi the hunter
Bijoux - the best cat I ever had. May she RIP ;-(
John LaVallee
Saba loves
Randy Westmoreland
Cats and Dress codes
Jane Bloom
Binky...the sweetest kitty in the world
Christi Humphrey
Miss Paris loves to sit and read with me, but this night she had trouble wading through the readings for graduate school!
Claudine Gabbert
The Regal Miss PC. "the boss of this household. I'm suprised I'm still allowed to live here."
Colleen Hill (Photo by Phil Dokas)
Tess in her favorite place in the house, under the rug.
Kimberlee Morritt
Missy doesn't like it when I go away without her....
Jessica Phillips
1 green eye, 1 blue eye, 1 Angel cat
Selene Mays
my cats are named Coheed and Cambria (after the band): here's my furry funny Coheed...
Selene Mays
and here's my sleek beautiful Cambria
Bruce Freeburger
This is Hans and Franzine.
Michael Streeter
I am so smart I put myself on Facebook. (Blasting Trigger)
Cat in a box
Andrew Bowman
Valentina Powers (WNYC)
Fumo + Elmo
Eloy Saumell
I am a dog person but my one cat Mia runs the house.
Angela Greene
Moose decides on where he want to go this summer. Italia!
Angela Greene
Opie goes over to the dark side- briefly.
Angela Greene
Kitten mind meld. While napping of course.
Jennie McKay
Lilly and her best bunny...
Eleanor Iavecchia Murphy
Naptime on the patio
René V. Rosengren
We found our cat Tuesday on a Tues day in 1987. She was approx 2 wks old. She lived to be nearly 20.
Robbin Lonchar Wagner
Pudnin loves the smell of flowers...
Jill Nowaczyk-Christoff
He watches me every morning, and thinks why not cat food before coffee....(O lives in Armada, MI)
Caroline Stern
Shadow knows how to take a nap.
Odalys Quesada
Mishu has taken over our hearts and the best chair since arriving from the pound.
Bruce Mohler
This is Milo. My daughter brought him home when her drumline coach was going to get rid of him.
Caron Atlas
Jazz cat: big eyes, deep purr, folded ears, and an enthusiastic alarm clock - loved by all!
Amy Beth Wegenaar
Pipa, my pretty calico rescue thinks she has found her long lost mother
Bruce Freeburger
My cat Hans says if you don't pick him, you are going to pick a cat uglier than him.
Pete Murphy
Meet Misty Mae Murphy
Pam Beegle
Pam Beegle
Martina Clark
I'm Saphir and I LOVE listening to the radio in my lounge chair!
Sally Knowles
I'm Callie. Please don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
Sally Knowles
I'm Dougie and I'm guarding the CD collection.
Tina Carrick
The regal Bijou
Anne Beegle
Dexter Gordon, one year after he wandered into our Brooklyn pad.
Mark DesLauriers
Clemintine, a month after we found Lillan she had kittens, so we had to keep at least one.
Tony Fradkin
Mookie is a runt she has six toes and no teeth
Mark DesLauriers
Lillan, a beautiful tabby Birman that we rescued.
Elyse Beaulieu
Berkeley, ready for his home office coffee break
Allan Janus
Maxine, in the snow trenches, reenacts the 1914 Christmas Truce.
Odalys Quesada
Apu, the king of the jungle.
Jane Bloom
Spanky Goes Venetian II Is this any better?
Cindy Rosenbaum
Cate Contino
Cate Contino
Bill Shull
Robbin Lonchar Wagner
Connie Grider
Connie Grider
Levi in a box.
Deb McGee Johnson
The coolest Sphynx cat ever: Ozmandius Xavier Johnson McGee, age 9.11 years.
Deb McGee Johnson
Naslund Robert Johnson McGee, age 13.5 years. Photo by "Something in Blue" Brooklyn, NY
Allan Janus
Larry Clark
Lionel. A majestic large white long-hair who is as gentle as a kitten, yet as regal as Henry VIII.
Alexis Fradkin
Ginger and Wasabi
Edward Grupsmith
Harry in a box
Ellen Wexler
My sweet Gemma.
Ba Noble
Lucy and Callie, UWS
Stuart Newman
I'm Coalie Sue, a "Weigie" (long-haired Norweigan forest cat).
Betsy Friedberg
Here's a picture of our cat Rootie, relaxing in the bathroom sink--she loves water!
Janine Burke
Hi my name is Twoki. Don't you think the grass brings out the green in my eyes?
Janine Burke
Threeki loves to hide in the gardens
Michelle Talich
My Big-boned Cat Brody
Pauline Pekruhn
Attached is a photo of Frangipani, our coy and sweet kitty.
Lucy Silver
Charlotte... Life is Good.
Naomi Kreutzer
Naomi Kreutzer
Karl J. Kemp
Max at rest
Suzanne and Todd Renshaw
Here's a photo of our cat, Jacob.
Marygrace Barber
Marygrace Barber
Alex and Odalys Quesada
Mishu our cat owns our hearts and the best chair in the house.
Kristen F. Schroeder
Johnny Cat
Sarah Nicole Phillips
Bobo in a bag
Lara Pierce
Scout in Portrait of the Artist as a Young Cat
Alisa Brown
Alisa Brown
Princess Freckles
Alisa Brown
Our baby girl, Mimi
Alisa Brown
Our Baby boy, Junior.
Deirdre Colgan
Edith (a.k.a Queen Dirtbeard)
Christine Edwards
Frankenstein, when she was a little kitten
Paul Schlichtman
Meekay is a rescue cat, who arrived at WGBH in Boston looking for food, love, and a home. Smart cat.
Tiffany Mross
The kitten, Gladly, is twelve weeks old. The black one, Irwin, is nearly fourteen ,and the calco girl,Toulie, is almost two.
Kate Shogi Hinds
Cindy Lou, in full nap mode
Kate Shogi Hinds
Teddy, just waking up from a nap, opens his little blinky eyes!
Marsha Dryer
Rio catches a few rays
Ellen Wexler
My name is Vega, of course. (wink, purrrr)
Brian Bull
Ernie (left) and his number one fan, Hailey (right).
The Battiste Family
Cheetah, 2 years old
Mary Wright
Meet Ben and Jerry, the 2-headed cat!
Lyn and Patrick
Charley, a rescue kitten, lives on board a 41 foot sailboat in the anchorage in Key West, Florida
Lyn and Patrick
C.J. Chrzastek
Mia, Fearless Warrior Princess – RIP
Odalys Quesada
Phoebe was all dressed up for the holidays. She is such a lady.
Christian Cipriani
Nate Heffel
Our little Pavil...he's supa' awesome!
Ellen Wexler
Apple Crisp, sweet bye and bye.
Ellen Wexler
Hi, My name is True and I enjoy bubble baths.
Annabel Schlossberg
This is my one eyed cat, Sam. He may only have one eye, but he can still catch flies!


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