Tennis Champ Jim Courier Explains Wimbledon

Monday, June 20, 2011

Today, tennis fans around the world will be tuning into the world-renowned grass court tennis tournament in London, the Wimbledon Championships. One of the four grand slam tennis championships, it is also the oldest and considerably the most prestigious. Here to talk us through the ins and outs of Wimbledon is a man who won four grand slam singles titles: American tennis champion Jim Courier.

Last year at Wimbledon, there was a historic eleven-hour match (spanning three days) between American player John Isner and France's Nicolas Mahut, with Isner winning the final set. The two players were randomly chosen to face off again this year, in round one. Can tennis fans expect a repeat of that epic match? And how will Serena Williams fare, after being off the court due to injuries for the past eleven months? 


Jim Courier

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Evelyn C. from Native of NYC, long-time Pac. No. Westerner :^>

Mr. Kopelson's comments led to me listen very carefully to this segment. I perceived Jim Courier to be warm and engaged in the conversation and didn't think he sounded put off by JH's lighter asides. And I refer you to the very end of the piece (at 7:52 & 7:57) to hear him (very courteously) "re-identify" his guest.

Jun. 21 2011 11:08 PM
Robert Kopelson from New York City

Regarding your interview with Jim Courier, I take exception to your signing off without having the courtesy, both to your guest and to the listener, of re-identifying him. Furthermore, while Mr. Courier sought to lead a serious and substantive discussion of the current state of tennis, and the Wimbeldon Tournament in particularly, you kept injecting it with trivialities, such as your reference to strawberries. You seem to confuse the casual with the careless, which is why I often tune away from your program to the parallel news on the other NYC station.

Jun. 20 2011 06:08 PM

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